A Lovely Herb Garden

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I get to meet the nicest people through the beginner herb gardening class and our Facebook page!

One of those nice people is my cyber-friend Ivanca. She lives in South Africa which is a very long way from our home in Illinois, USA.

Ivancas New Herb Garden

After it was suggested to Ivanca that she plant an herb garden she went through our beginner gardening class and did some amazing things with her little piece of the planet!

I know nothing about her gardening conditions in South Africa  and some of the class did not pertain to her garden. She had no need to learn about protecting plants from winter weather and freeze-thaw cycles so I could only offer her general plant advice.  After all, most herbs need certain things to thrive- no matter they are.

Ivanca kept a notebook with lots of gardening and herb information. She was one determined lady!

Ivancas Book on Herbs

We kept in touch and she kept me posted of her progress along the way. She sent me a “final version” of her pretty little “Eileen” herb garden (named for her Mother in law) and has graciously allowed me to share it with you all. What a treat seeing how far she’s come!

Ivancas Herb Garden door

Pretty little garden gate

Ivancas Herbs basil thyme chives

Ivancas First Harvest

I don’t know about you but I’m in love this little courtyard garden and am really crazy about those raised beds!

Thanks so much for sharing your garden with us, Ivanca ?

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