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We believe it’s safe to conclude that all of you, at a certain point in your life, wanted to see something grow using your green thumb. A garden of herbs is your chance to make this happen. However, your hands will surely be dirty before seeing something grow.

“Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade,” said Rudyard Kipling. One compassion, nevertheless, is that with herb planting for the beginners, we have the chance to harvest the greatest advantage with a little amount of hard work.

Why We started this blog

We want to start an herb garden, knowing that it easily grows with just a little amount of sunshine, a soil that quickly runs out well, few watering, and slight compost or fertilizer. Apart from easy to grow plants, these herbs also taste delicious.

Having a garden with growing herbs is practical at the same time decorative, developed in an exclusive border, and interplanted in the middle of other edibles, together with garden beds of ornamentals, or it can be a container put near the door of your kitchen ready for harvesting. Easily grows, ornamental, fragrant herbs, these are a magnificent addition to your beautiful garden.

Our mission?

Our author, Paul Kelemen, has over 10 years of experience in gardening, planting, lawn care, and other related areas. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others achieve success in their own gardens.

We created gardening101.net for the mission of sharing my insights on how to grow herbs, especially if you are a beginner. There are five categories, namely herb garden, vegetable gardening, lawn care, plant problems, and finally, the gardening tools. This is a beginner’s guide on planting herbs, and we have some recommendations that you might love. For you to start a garden of herbs, you must have extensive knowledge about that particular herb that you wanted to grow.

We also wanted to give you an idea of how you can design, plan, and learn to budget for the transformation of your garden. What we want is to see individuals enjoying the reap of their hard works in their kitchen. Also, through us, you will discover more gardening ideas and advice. Our vision is to see you harvesting the herbs you have planted. We also provided some links to help you find some alternatives for herbs you might want to plant.

As mentioned earlier, herb gardening must be planned. Therefore, you should ask first these:

Why do you want to plant herbs?

Do you already have a certain herb on your mind that you want to plant?

Everything must be aligned – from the kind of herb, the soil to the location where you want the herb the grow. Families always has a reserved portion of land for growing herbs, yet these herbs can be planted as well indoors. These also grow in a pot. Well, here are three main reasons that I have for myself, I want herb garden because of these three reasons; look, smell, cooking, and medicinal.

I like how herbs look, particularly the nice-looking plants like basil and lavender. Most of the herbs have an aroma, which smells nice. Mint and cilantro are the two of my favorites. Herbs are very much expensive in some stores considering the amount that you will get, for that reason, cooking with delicious herbs became hard. Lastly, there is a number of herbs that are being used for medical reasons. To name some, we have sage, basil, and mint. Well, those are my reasons, what about yours?

To have the full pleasure in herb gardening, you have to determine first as to:

Why do you want to have an herb garden?

Do you want to see something grow in your backyard?

Are you planning to add herbs to your cooking?

Or are you making essential oils or soaps with the use of aromatic herbs?

Or perhaps do you want to see red, white, green, or any color to make your house warm and occupied?

Whatever your reasons are, you have to learn the techniques for herb gardening. Thus, you need to browse more on this website because this will help you!

A beginner or a seasoned pro, herb gardening is a wonderful pastime that you will surely enjoy, as much as I do. Through this website, you will learn the basic terms and a number of excellent herb gardening tips. I also added several insights regarding gardening for beginners on this page.

Don’t hesitate to send us a message about your questions. Always remember, a bit of dirt is good for your soul, enjoy planting!

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