# 5 Best Atv Sprayer To Distribute Liquids Over A Vast Area

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Are you looking for the optimal tool to help you look after your farm/lawn/garden with liquid products? If so, the best ATV sprayer that we review in this article is what will end your days of finding in vain.

Don’t worry if you feel that there are too many choices in these ATV sprayer reviews. Gardening101 also include a detailed buying guide and FAQs in the latter part of this article so that you can make your own decisions.

Just read it!

Top 5 Best ATV Sprayers Reviews

#1. Precision Products TCS25 – The Best ATV spot sprayer

The Precision Products TCS25 spot sprayer has a heavy-duty 25-gallon tank with a drain plug. When you need to clean the tank, just unplug the drain plug, and residue will run out quickly.

Since the container is opaque, you can monitor the amount of water or chemicals remained inside it without opening the cap and peeking inside.

Users can attach the appliance to the rear of not only any type of ATV but also tractors. Therefore, do not worry if you only have a tractor but no ATV in your home.

Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer
Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer

You can spray liquids to specific spots accurately and effortlessly via the 12-inch hose with the thumb-control spray wand. Just sit on your vehicle and water your garden with one thumb!

In our test, the water pressure reached approximately 60 PSI, which is not very impressive yet not lower than average. This allows you to deliver fluids to most plants except for high trees.

Given that the tank capacity is 25 gallons and the output rate is from 1 to 1.8 gallons per minute, you can spray your farm for around 15 – 25 minutes per tank fill.

Owing to the genuine 90-day limited warranty, customers can totally be away from any trouble and make their purchase with absolute confidence.


  • Heavy-duty tank
  • Decent working duration
  • Genuine 90-day warranty
  • Precise spot spraying


  • Medium flow rate

#2. Chapin International 97361 – The Best ATV weed sprayer

Yeah, as you can look at the picture, this is a 2-in-1 ATV sprayer from the brand of Chapin. The Chapin International 97361 15gallon ATV sprayer is among the rare models that offer two separate tanks: a concentrate tank and a water container.

In which, the water reservoir capacity is 15 gallons, and the concentrate tank volume is only 2 gallons. When users trigger the mixing valve, the solution in these two tanks will mix together.

The pump is super-powerful, which is comparable to the pump of the Ironton ATV spot sprayer. While other rivals typically deliver the flow rate of around 1.5 gallons per minute, the Chapin International 97361’s pump can push liquids out at the speed of up to 2.2 gallons per minute.

Chapin International 97361 Mixes on Exit - First-Ever Clean-Tank ATV Spraying System
Chapin International 97361 Mixes on Exit – First-Ever Clean-Tank ATV Spraying System

Combined with the high-pressure pump, the three spraying patterns: wide cone, tight stream, and fine mist will work at their best. Adjusting the poly nozzles to form these patterns will also cost you minimum effort in comparison with most models.

With all of these designs, the Chapin International 97361 deserves to be the best ATV weed sprayer since the poly wand is chemical-proof, and users can mix herbicides more easily and have specific spraying patterns for each type of weed.

Last but not least, there are quick connect alligator clips and quick connect auto shut-off included in the package so that users can set up and use the sprayer faster and more conveniently.


  • 3 spraying patterns
  • Robust pump
  • 2 separate tanks
  • Optional spray Boom Kits available


  • A bit expensive

#3. Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer LG-25-EC – The Best ATV sprayer boomless

Do you find models with boom somewhat complicated and bulky? Then the Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer LG-25-EC is a great boomless option for you to consider.

It has a corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank with a low profile design to distribute the weight of the liquids more uniformly, thus maximize stability and balance when on your truck, tractor, or ATV.

Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer, 25-Gallon
Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer, 25-Gallon

Besides, the 5-inch cap is big enough for you to fill and clean the tank without any hassle. This lid comes with a tether so that you will hardly lose it anywhere.

The unit’s handgun is equipped with an 18-inch lever with adjustable pattern tip and a 15-foot hose. We tried using this gun at the maximum settings, and it worked impressively.

The maximum horizontal throw is up to 30 feet, which is equal to that of the Master Manufacturing SSO-01-015A-MM. However, the top vertical spraying range is only 18 feet.

Unfortunately, we could have appreciated the Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer LG-25-EC more if it had an on-off switch. In other words, when you want to turn on/off the device, you have to plug/unplug it, which is so inconvenient and annoying in the 21st century.


  • Corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank
  • Superior handgun
  • Big cap with a tether
  • Low profile design


  • No on-off switch

#4. NorthStar 282780 – The Best ATV sprayer with boom

The NorthStar 282780 is one of the rare tow-behind sprayers that allow users to have both wide coverage and high precision of spraying at the same time.

With the Santoprene diaphragm, its high-grade NorthStar NSQ Series pump can prime easily and is exceptionally tough. It can last for many years, even when it is used with corrosive chemicals and in harsh conditions.

NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer
NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

The huge tank is attached to a heavy-duty steel cart that can travel on any terrain without a problem. For convenient storage, the tow-bar is retractable, and the boom arms are foldable, the wheels and axle are detachable!

The sprayer can continuously work without a cool-down period. And, to check how long it can continue to work, you just need to take a look at the gallon marks molded into the tank.

Most importantly, what makes this model the best ATV sprayer with boom is its spring-loaded breakaway boom arms. They seem never to break, deform, or kink when struck.

You can use the boom to spray liquids anywhere you wish. When no flow is needed, the device will turn itself off to conserve the battery power.


  • Wide coverage and high precision
  • Premium pump
  • Convenient storage
  • High-performance boom arms
  • 100% continuous duty rating


  • Suck a lot of air

#5. Master Manufacturing SSO-01-015A-MM – The Best ATV sprayer for food plots

This model is one of the exemplary products of Master Manufacturing, who makes the best ATV sprayer in the USA.

With the premium Everflo 12-volt diaphragm pump, this Master Manufacturing SSO-01-015A-MM is able to spray liquids at a superior rate of up to 2.2 GPM.

You do not have to do anything except for sitting on your UTV, four-wheeler, or any other vehicles and driving around comfortably. The powerful spray gun will do the rest by distributing fluids up to 25 feet in vertical and 30 feet in horizontal directions.

Master Manufacturing SSO-01-015A-MM 15 Gallon Spot Sprayer
Master Manufacturing SSO-01-015A-MM 15 Gallon Spot Sprayer

Such terrific power enables you to spray not only low bushes, flowers, or grasses but also fence lines and high trees thoroughly and quickly. Creating fertile food plots for wildlife is easier than ever.

Apart from providing nutrients to plants, you can also use this sprayer to spray plant protection chemicals such as insecticides or herbicides. This is completely accepted by experts.

Although you may find some customers complaining about faulty components of the products, the manufacturer still gives you a one-year warranty. Hence, you should not be too worried.


  • Easy to install and use
  • User-friendly design
  • Incredibly chemical-resistant
  • High-performance pump and spraying gun
  • Come with a one-year warranty


  • There may be defective parts

Buying Guide

So, in so many choices above and out there, what is the best ATV sprayer for you? Only you can answer this question, but merely after you have learned the following tips.

Tank capacity

First of all, what most people care about is the tank capacity. This factor will determine how many times they have to refill the reservoir in one spraying session.

If you have an extra-wide farm, your ATV sprayer’s tank capacity should be at least 15 gallons so that you will not have to refill it more than two times in one working session.

Vice versa, if your garden is small or medium-sized, 8 gallon ATV sprayers are quite okay. Too huge tanks are unnecessarily bulky and add more cumbersome to your handling.

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Apart from capacity, durability is also a critical attribution of a sprayer. You will have to buy a new product should there is a tiny crack or hole in the body of the container.

Today, the majority of ATV sprayers feature a polyethylene tank to create transparency yet maintain longevity and chemical-resistance.
Depending on the types of chemicals that you plan to fill in the tank, you will need to find a sprayer with the ability to resist different chemicals.

Still, we recommend buying models with thicker reservoirs so that they will not break if they fall down from your vehicles. UV resistance is essential for those who need to spend long hours under the sun.

Furthermore, other components such as nozzles, valves, a handgun, or switches ought to be made of high-quality materials like hard plastics and brass.

how to the best choose atvsprayer

User-friendly design

Go for sprayers with a huge tank’s cap so that you can fill in and mix liquids inside the tank effortlessly. A wide opening also means that,\ you can clean the tank more easily.

Other features such as the drain plug, hanging bracket, mounted ATV positions, switches, controls, adjustable nozzles, the handgun’s maneuverability, the length of hose, and so on should be easy and convenient to use, too.

Spraying distance

When it comes to spraying capability, we refer to both the spray range and spray patterns. As such, they relate to the pump power and the flexibility of the nozzles. Here, we will talk about the pump first.

If an ATV has a robust pump, it can spray liquids faster and farther at the maximum pressure. To know how strong a pump is, just need to check the parameter of gallons per minute (GPM) that the manufacturer indicated in the product description.

Most sprayers offer adjustable flow rates ranging from 1.5 – 2 gallons per minute, which is sufficient to standard spraying tasks. Nonetheless, if you have a tight budget and do not require that much, the low rate of 1 gallon per minute is still acceptable.

On the contrary, if you want to spray fluids to a greater distance such as high branches, research the vertical and horizontal spraying range of the model thoroughly.

Regarding ATV sprayers with or without a boom, we can say that boomed models can spray much farther than boomless ones.

Spraying patterns

Apart from how far the water can travel, how it is distributed may matter in some particular projects.

If you think that sometimes you will need different spraying patterns such as stream, mist, cone, so on, opt for a unit with adjustable nozzles.


Warranty is very important, especially if you are spending a small fortune on your equipment. A long warranty period will guarantee the quality of a product and protect customers from unwanted troubles after purchase.

Besides, you should also check the components that are backed in the warranty policy because not all manufacturers will repair or replace any parts of their sprayers at zero cost for the same amount of time.

Best ATV sprayers should come with a one-year warranty or longer that covers all defective parts.


As ATV sprayers come in numerous qualities and prices, you should set a price range that your budget can afford. For example, if you can only spend around $175 on these appliances, look for products in the price range from $150 to $200.

The price may be affected by many factors, so determine to trade-off some features for what you think is more important to yourself.


How to maintain an ATV sprayer?

Maintaining an ATV is not so tricky. What you need to do is simply taking the following tips:

  • Clean the whole sprayer after each use, especially the nozzles and filters, because they are prone to break down quickly if clogged.
  • We advise everybody to run warm soapy water through the pump then flush it with clean water.
  • If there is any mold buildup, clean contaminated parts with alcohol and water.
  • Drain and store the device in a clean and dry place.
  • Periodically, check to find out if there is any part that needs replacement.

How to clean an ATV sprayer after use?

In addition to periodic maintenance, you should clean your equipment after each use. Just follow this instruction:

  • Disassemble all parts of the sprayer separately.
  • Fill water into the container and add 2 – 3 tablespoons of chlorine bleach.
  • Use that mixture to clean the tank and then the hoses, tank, nozzles, filters, and boom (if there is any).
  • Flush all with clean water again and drain them for around 15 minutes.

How to get rid of chemicals from plastic?

To thoroughly remove chemicals from plastic parts, use these tips:

  • To clean chemicals from plastic components of your ATV sprayer, mix white vinegar or baking soda with water in a medium-size reservoir.
  • Next, carefully rub the solution on the plastic parts with a cloth or a sponge.
  • Rinse the whole sprayer with water.

How to prepare a spray rig for the winter?

Before the winter comes, you need to prepare the spray rig carefully or else the sprayer will not work properly. Take these steps in order:

  • Empty the tank and add some automotive antifreeze to it.
  • Turn off all boom sections.
  • Switch the main spray and the pump on.
  • Run the solution through the whole system.

What are all the boom options that I can use?

1. Steel boom

A steel boom typically is the most popular accessory of an ATV sprayer. As made out of steel, this item is very durable and can hardly break when coming in contact with obstacles.

2. Poly boom

The poly boom is also a type of solid boom that usually comes with breakaway booms. Poly booms are more resistant to rust and chemical wear.

3. Versatile boom

Versatile booms are engineered to provide a large spraying width and changeable spraying patterns. They are often furnished with shut-off valves that are in-line with the nozzles.


After all, it is time for us to point out the best ATV sprayer for most people. We rate the NorthStar 282780 as the best ATV sprayer with boom and also the best rated ATV sprayer overall because it delivers high precision and wide coverage, continuous duty cycle, and premium boom arms.

Yet, if you do not need a boom or can only afford less, use the buying guide to buy something else more suitable for yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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