Bringing Rosemary Indoors

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Rosemary is wonderful in the herb garden, but it also does beautifully in pots and indoors.

Rosemary and Hens
Rosemary and Hens

You just need to do a little prep work before dragging it inside!

We’ve talked a little about getting your herbs ready for indoor winter growing and rosemary is no different. In fact, it might need more preparation for coming indoors than other herbs.

A few things to know about Rosemary:

Rosemary does not adjust easily to changes in lighting

It does not grow quickly, so it cannot quickly produce lost leaves

When a plant goes into a lower light situation-like from sunshine to shade, or into the house- the leaves must adjust. Sometimes leaves are dropped from the plant and new ‘low light’ leaves grow in place. These are often smaller and thinner. After all, leaves are the big food producer for the plant and they must be efficient! Lower light? Smaller leaves.

Unfortunately, Rosemary grows too slowly to be really great at this.

So what an you do to bring in your Rosemary without killing it?

Do that thing we talked about. Remember?

Place it in a semi shaded area, or in lower light for a few weeks before you bring it in. While you’re at it, freshen the soil and check it for pests. Rosemary isn’t troubled by many pests, but it is better to be safe than have the house over-run with garden pests!

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