Cheap Landscape Edging Ideas To Pretty Up Your Garden In A Minute

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Beautifying your garden beds is one of the helpful ways to dress up the overall landscape. The edging will boost your garden’s curb appeal, as well as protect your plants from being damaged by lawnmowers. So to say, garden edging is a small investment for worthy returns.

Edging is not so expensive and time-consuming as people may think. There are many creative and cheap landscape edging ideas that will attract you from the first look. Take a look at our list now!

Top 19 Cheap Landscape Edging Ideas

Upcycle bicycle wheels

You can make use of recyclable materials, such as disused bicycle wheels to create this unique border for your garden. It is friendly-budget and easy to install. What’s more, the edging can last for years, saving you from the need of fixing and repairing.


Garden fences

Another popular and cost-effective idea is using decorative fences. Your garden will eventually look more stunning and organized with this concept. There are a handful of fence models and sizes that you can opt for. Plus, don’t forget to consider the material that works best for you.


Stone garden edging

Are you looking for a traditional and cheap garden idea? Then try out the stone borders. All you need is a handful of natural stones to fill the edging. The specific concept is up to your imagination! Overall, it is easy to do and extremely affordable. Besides, it is very long-lasting and can give your garden a beautiful look for years.


Round log roll edging

Need a useful idea for lawn edging? Why don’t you try with log rolls? In addition to being affordable and long-lasting, this concept offers a rustic look to your garden. It is also a nice outdoor decorating idea for building flower beds. Installation is not much a problem as well.


Bamboo edging

Bamboo is never an out-of-style choice for nature lovers. It is a natural material that gives a green look to your garden. Besides, bamboo is very tough and able to withstand almost every weather condition. With this beautiful garden edging option, it is pretty sure that you do not have to worry about the repair.


Brick landscape border

Brick is a common choice for edging your garden beds. You can try a variety of concepts with this material, such as the colonial style. This idea is friendly-budget to everyone. However, bear in mind that you need to be attentive to make an amazing garden look. For a more impressive look, you can try with terra cotta edging.


Plastic landscape edging

Plastic and metal are among the most common edging materials since they are cheap and durable. Besides, you don’t have to spend much time finishing it. While marking a border between lawn and garden, the edging can also help prevent erosion or ground movement.



Rubber offers a wide range of choices for sizes, colors, and shapes to customize your own curb edging. That’s why there are many different styles that you can try out with this material. You can install the borders with any suitable type of rubber, as long as it helps you to achieve the desired look.


Cinder block garden edging

Cinder blocks are a versatile material that you can opt for. They can be used as an inexpensive garden edging while providing space to plant some species in the holes. This design requires much effort to complete. If you are into it, then learn how to place cinder blocks as an edging.


Solar-powered edging

Here is another creative and cheap garden edging idea that you should not overlook. These interlocking solar panels are an economical and innovative way to light up your garden. They have the fiberglass that runs alongside the edge with the LED lights powered by the battery.


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Rock border

Rocks are always an inspiration for garden edging ideas. There are many sizes and shapes for you to choose from. We recommend that you opt for the big river rocks, which are approximately equal to the softballs because they will give an impressive visual impact for your curb appeal.


Concrete border

Concrete is another affordable and long-lasting option type of garden edging. Installing concrete borders is relatively easy to do without taking so much time. As this material can go well with a handful of landscape designs, you can build the border in any shape that you like.


Woven garden hose edging

In this design, you will make use of the water hoses to build the border around your garden. Organize them in a woven pattern, and you will have cheap and unusual edging for your landscape.


Landscape timber

Another cost-effective edging design idea is using landscape timber to build a raised bed. This material is extremely long-lasting since it can prevent rotting. If you like the edging like a traditional box shape, then don’t hesitate to go for this idea.


Gabion wall

Another eye-catching concept for your backyard landscape edging. The name “Gabion” means “a big cage.” Therefore, this design is like a retaining wall that holds stones and plants in one place. Depending on your preference, the “wall” can be full of colored stones or harmonious in a single color.


Wood edging

With a piece of board in your hands, you can cut them into any desired shape. In this way, you can save a fortune for edging your garden. Make use of scrap lumbers, flat boards, half rounds, or whichever available types of wood that you think is suitable.


Shell edging

Another cheap landscaping idea to try is using huge shells. If you are a fan of scuba diving or living near the ocean, then take the advantages to pretty up your garden from the available sources. It undoubtedly makes your garden look amazing, isn’t it?


Glass bottle edging

Don’t throw away your glass bottles yet! They are a great choice for your garden edging project. If you have numerous bottles to cover the desired edging, then go for this idea! It certainly makes your garden become more eye-catching.


Bowling ball border

This unusual landscape design will certainly impress you from the first look. Just organize some colorful bowling balls, and here you have a quirky garden edging look. If you don’t have bowling balls, you can change to DIY concrete balls. It will not take so much time to make your own decorative balls.



Through our article of the best cheap landscape edging ideas, we hope that you can pick your ideal designs. Each idea has different highlights with low cost to carry out.

Therefore, you can combine your favorite ones together to build your own creative garden borders. Thanks for reading. will be glad if you can share your work with us!

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