Cold Soil and Herbs

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Have you started any herb seeds yet?

Many of your herbs will not germinate in cold soil. Try to never plant them outdoors when the garden looks like this.

A few herb seeds like (and need) a cold period and are happy to winter outdoors. Echinacea (Purple coneflower) is one, but many of the Mediterranean herb seedlings just can’t stand the cold. Before you start them either indoors or out, check the packages for growing instructions and maybe do a little herb research :-)

Unlike Echinacea, some seeds want it hot… like Basil.

basil seedlings

Warm soil is the key to starting this scrumptious herb!

Some heat loving seeds may rot in cold damp soils. You already know that cold wet soils can promote mildew and fungal diseases in started seedlings…and that’s just plain icky. If we can plant seeds according to a plant’s requirements they stand a better chance of growing and producing well.

Got perennial herbs in your garden?

Not all of your perennial herbs will re-surface at the same time! Some herbs pop up really early. At my house chives are one of the earliest perennial herbs to show new growth. See? I haven’t even raked up last year’s leaves yet.

chives in February

The perennial catnip runs a close second to the chives for showing up in the Spring. It’s another ‘early bird’ here.

catnip march

You will probably notice your other perennial herbs starting to regrow at different paces as the soil temperatures warm. They each seem to regrow when the time is right, so don’t worry if you don’t see them all greening up at exactly the same time!

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