Easy (and cute) Herb Drying Rack

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Have you always wanted a cute little drying rack to dry a few herbs?


Now you can make your own!

garden faucet spigot herb drying hanging rack

This adorable drying rack is easy to make and you can even recycle some old items making one.  It’s also great for coats, dog leashes and more when you aren’t drying herbs on it…and that’s just inside the house. They make great organizers in the garage and greenhouse, too.

Here’s what we used:

pieces for faucet spigot herb dryer hanging rack

I  used a few things I had on hand including scrap lumber and a few wood screws.

I cut my own copper pipe pieces to fit the length of the screws I had, but you can buy the longer ready made copper pipe joints and use whatever length screws you like.

My screws were 1  3/4″ so I cut my pipe pieces to about 3/4″ long to accommodate the thickness of all the pieces and to make sure the screws really bit into the board.

Let’s put it all together:

Mark your board where you want each handle/knob to be.

Place and center the copper pipe tube over the mark.

place small copper pipe tube on board

Thread the screw through the washer, spigot knob and down through the copper piece.

screw into washer faucet handle

Push a little and screw the pieces down tight making sure your spigot handle isn’t sliding or tilting. If it does, loosen the screw, straighten it then re-tighten.

Rinse and repeat for the rest of your knobs or handles.

Finished Herb Drying Rack

To hang your new rack, use a heavy duty picture hanger or two on the back. You can also drill holes near the upper corners and hang your rack with screws or attach a wire for hanging.

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Here are some other ideas to try for a hanging rack of your own…

Make a bigger or longer one with more hanging room! Try using nails, cup hooks, or even drawer knobs and have fun!

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