Grilled Orange Rosemary Chicken Breasts

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This is a favorite summer recipe at our house. It’s especially good if you can use use your own garden fresh herbs!

What you will need:

4 Chicken breasts ( or a small cut up whole chicken)

1 cup of orange juice

1 or two tablespoons of brown sugar (depending on how sweet you want your glaze)

1 Tablespoon chopped or snipped rosemary

1 Tablespoon chopped or snipped chives (optional)

1 Tablespoon cornstarch to thicken glaze

To make your orange Rosemary glaze:

Combine orange juice, brown sugar and cornstarch in a small pot, stir and heat until smooth and slightly thickened. Remove from heat and add herbs to the glaze.

snipping fresh rosemary into orange juice

Grill chicken as usual and brush glaze over chicken each time you turn it. Serve any extra glaze on the side for dipping.


P.S. You can also make this in oven- roasting the chicken instead of grilling. It’s perfect for a taste of summer on cold winter days. Roast @ 400* for 20 minutes, basting frequently. Turn chicken over and baste again. Cook another 10-20 minutes depending on the thickness of chicken pieces. Meat juices should run clear when chicken is cooked through.

Source: Gardening 101 com

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