Growing Herbs? Grow Chamomile

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German Chamomile is one of the easy herbs, and for most growers it can be grown almost anywhere!

It’s easy to start from seed, and you can start it indoors or out.

German Chamomile and Comfrey
German Chamomile and Comfrey

The plant has lovely lacy foliage and looks quite delicate, but it will often grow in tough situations. It tops out at about 18″-24″ tall and it is happy as a container plant!

German Chamomile Blossom
German Chamomile Blossom

German Chamomile or Matricaria recutita is an annual, so you’ll get pretty bursts of tiny little daisy like flowers once it’s blooming. The blooms are fragrant and the scent might remind you a bit of apples!

The blossoms are used to make a delicious relaxing tea, and are sometimes used as a hair rinse bringing out natural highlights in blond hair.

Since this herb IS an annual, you will want to keep the flowers picked…daily if possible.

Pick the opened flowers. If you don’t, the flowers produce seeds and the plant considers its life’s mission complete!

handful of german chamomile
Just Picked German Chamomile Flowers

When that happens your Chamomile dies and there are no more pretty little flowers for teas, or hair rinses.

The flowers are very simple and easy to dry.

Dried German Chamomile Flowers
Dried German Chamomile Flowers

You can lay the blossoms out on a tray, or plate and let them dry out of sunlight. Add a few more every day as you collect them, and stir them up to dry evenly.

When they are completely dry, store in a jar, date and label!


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