Growing Herbs Indoors

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A few weeks ago we looked at winter growing options for our herbs.

If you have herbs in the garden already, maybe you started thinking about some herbs that might be brought indoors.
Or maybe you weren’t sure what to do with them?

Pot of Herbs and Flowers

If you want to bring herbs and other plants in, make sure you introduce them slowly to the new indoor conditions.

If you bring them in abruptly, a few of your herbs may show you how miserable they are by dying- some almost immediately.
Rosemary can die off quickly when moved inside without some preparation.

Some tips before bringing herbs in from the garden:

After digging and potting your herbs up, try to give them two weeks to adjust to their new growing conditions before taking them inside.

During this time you may want to pinch them back, and give them some partial shade.

Don’t fertilize them while they adjust to their new homes, they will put out all kinds of growth we don’t want  just yet.

For now we want them to grow strong roots and settle into their winter pots.

They can put on new growth later when we have them happily situated indoors!

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