Growing Herbs Inside-Basil

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It’s that time of year when things are finally cooling down after a really HOT summer. Thank goodness.

If you get chilly winters, it’s not too early to think about bringing your herbs indoors- if you want to, that is.

Growing Basil in pot

You probably know I bring lots of herbs indoors so I can enjoy them all winter, although some are really just staying alive until they can get back outdoors next spring.

Some of my real tender herbs need lots of supplemental heat and light to thrive during the colder months. My Stevia, Basil and Patchouli all like warm roots. Even with care, I gotta say, they just don’t look quite as happy indoors in midwinter as they do outside in June!

Bringing in whole containers or pots of herbs is easy enough, once you have acclimated them to their new digs.


You can still take basil cuttings and some may even root in water- as long as the parent plants have not started to flower. Once they do, your basil cutting doesn’t want to strike roots. That’s alright, just eat it!

You can bring in your pots of basil and enjoy them during the cooler months.

When you are growing Basil indoors remember:

It still likes warm roots, and plenty of light.  If that is taken care of, your basil will also want regular feedings , especially if it is producing well for you.

You will also want to keep your basil cut and pinched back just like you did outside, waiting until after acclimating it of course!

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If you’ve been growing your basil in a pot, remember to check to make sure it isn’t root bound, it may need to be re-potted before bringing it inside.

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