Have an Herbal Tea Party!

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Looking for a fun idea for using some of those herbs you’ve grown?

How about having a tea party?

Not just any tea party, but an herbal tea blending party. When you invite some friends over to experiment your little party can be a blast!

Herb Tes with Herb Cookies

Some Basic Tea Blending Party Info

  • A herbal tea is also called an infusion.
  • Use just boiled or almost boiling water for hot teas.
  • Herbal teas can be made like sun tea! Peppermint actually has a milder flavor when made with cold water. It doesn’t get overly strong or bitter.
  • The longer it steeps the stronger the tea or infusion.

Just One Teaspoon please-

Generally the recipe is 1 teaspoon of dried herb to 1 cup of water. If you like stronger flavorings, your mileage may vary. One exception is with Stevia…it can be really sweet! A little dab will do ‘ya in your teacup.

Simple = Just one herb

Some good simple candidates?

Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, Bee balm…you get the idea. A lone herb.

Easy Ways to Get Started:

If you just want to sample herbs, but aren’t sure you will like them, start with a black or green tea base. You can be civilized and buy loose tea, or just tear open a teabag.Go with the latter if you are just experimenting.

Now try adding one of these:

A fruit. Peels count.

A spice. Crushed, ground, or grated all work in a tea bag, or tea filter.

Some easy Simple fruit blends to try:

Strawberries and thyme, or strawberries and ginger. Peach and cinnamon….and other pie-like spices. I like this one better with black tea.

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Orange and spices, Orange and mint. Lemon and ginger. Lemon Verbena and fruit.

Just let your imagination run wild in your spice cabinet. But not too wild.

OK, now let’s try the herbs. straight up!

One part spearmint.

One part Lemon Verbena

A tiny pinch of stevia.

A sliver of orange peel. OK, I know this is a fruit so you can leave it out if you like.

What? You don’t like the citrus flavors? That’s OK.

If you like the flavor of black licorice you can try herbs like anise, or licorice.

Want to try a tummy blend ?

This one is great for heartburn, indigestion, and just plain overindulging in too many herb cookies.

1 part Fennel seeds (this is another that tastes a bit like black licorice)

1 part peppermint

1part marshmallow

1 part marshmallow leaves, root or slippery elm

Little dash of stevia , honey or sweetener to taste

Some of these herbs contain mucilage which makes them feel a bit ‘slimy’ when soaked in hot water. That mucilage coats your gut. That makes it feel better. Ahhhhh…

Now it’s your turn to experiment and remember:

Have fun!

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