Herb Place Markers for Your Table

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Make some quick and simple herbal table place markers!

Using your herbs in crafty ways can be a lot of fun.

Re-purposing “stuff” can be a lot of fun, too. Personally I like to combine the two and see what happens.

tiny terra cotta table place makers with dried & fresh herbs & pumpkin med

With that in mind, here are three simple ideas for herbal table place holders!

Depending on your personal style you can dress ‘em up or down.

In the photo at the top of the page we have simple dried and fresh herbs tucked into mini terra cotta pots. I add the fresh herbs just before guests arrive so they don’t go all wilty mid-meal. You can write directly on the pot, or make a tag for each pot. What could be easier?

Next up?  The herbal boutonniere!

…except we’re using it as a place card.

Often seen at herb themed weddings on the lapels of  grooms and groomsmen we’re borrowing this already great idea for our tables.

Burlap wrapped herb table place markers Med

Here’s the How-to:

For longer lasting boutinneires take a small piece of damp paper (a paper towel is fine) and wrap up a few herb leaves or sprigs to make a tiny bouquet.

Now wrap that in a small piece of plastic wrap, or recycle a plastic bag for this step.

herbsprings in damp paper plastic wrap

Fold the bottom up and wrap the plastic snugly around the damp paper. This will keep your herbs from wilting a bit longer and keep the damp paper beneath from getting on anything.

two tiny herb bundles wrapped in damp paper plastic rap

Now wrap the bundles in some fabric scraps, or if you like the rustic look, use burlap!

You can use ribbon, twine or string to wrap the bundles. Make paper name tags and tie them to your mini bouquets. If necessary you can add a dab of glue to stop fraying or to hold the ends of your ribbon or twine in place.

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If you want to make these little place markers a day in advance they can usually be safely stored in the fridge overnight.

And last but not least, our final herbal place marker:

The Thread Spool.

These are too easy to be believed and I’m almost embarrassed to show them here…but I will.

Herbal Thread Spool Table Place Markers

How to do it:

Stick a leaf in a thread spool just before guests arrive. Yep, that’s it.

Old wood spools look pretty cool anyway so the herbs just add some rustic charm.

A simple paper name tag encircles these spools, but you could tie on a tag or come up with your own prettifications. That’s our brand new crafty word of the week ;)

If you want to use your spools for something else later use a dab of glue or double sided tape on your labels so you can pull them off after your party.

Okay, hopefully you have a few ideas rolling around in your head and are ready to get busy with some herbal crafting! Enjoy ;)

Via: Gardening 101

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