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Plants grow and die. That’s a fact.

Dead Plants

Sometimes though, it looks like your herbs have croaked for no obvious reason.

Other times, there are very good reasons. Like death by over or under watering.
Or maybe death by toasting. I’ve certainly been guilty of both at times.

Often we buy herb plants because they are pretty, or smell nice but we have no clue how to care for them once they are at home.

This is easy!

Just take a few minutes to learn a little about the plant you have.
If there is a plant label, read it!  Some have cute pictures on them, so take a look and see what they are telling you.

Does it like moist soil? Full sun? Dryer growing conditions?

Does it need to be fertilized with something special?

Placing that new herb plant somewhere it won’t like is a recipe for plant death.

Sometimes it’s a quick death, other times it’s drawn out and the causes are not obvious. The plant takes its own sweet time in dying, and  you just can’t figure out what the problem is.

If you do a little research, your plants will thank you for it.

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