Herb Wheels and Decoders

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Handy Herb Gadgets!

Both the larger Culinary Herb Wheel from ChewOnThis.org and the smaller Herb Decoder are great tools to have in your kitchen or herb library.

The Culinary Herb Wheel is especially nice if you want to check to see what herbs will add pizzazz to your dinner, or if a particular kitchen herb is suitable for meats, or pickling or whatever you might have in mind. Just spin that top wheel to get the information you need. The little hole in the center of the wheel means it also hangs nicely on your wall from a small nail.

40 culinary herbs

The Herb Decoder is really handy too.

This one is a bit different than the Culinary Wheel.

For one thing, it’s smaller and has a fold out set-up with three wheels. This decoder will tell you if a particular herb is suitable for cooking, medicine, the parts of the plant to be used, planting info, recipes and more.  It’s jam packed with information and a valuable resource to have on hand. This one can be found at Amazon.com and other online retailers.

Herb Decoder Wheel medicinal culinary
Herb Decoder Wheel

One small side note- this beauty was printed in Australia so the general planting info may not be geared towards your particular growing area!

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