Herbs and Folklore

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love herbal folklore.

Some of the old wives tales are wise, some have a grain of truth
and some are just plain absurd!

Much of what the ancients did was based on superstition, and it
seemed that keeping away evil spirits was nearly a full time job!

Reading the tales is a lot of fun, and when I came across this tidbit I wanted to share it with you.

It’s from an 1884 book of plant lore.

The story goes that in parts of Switzerland and France, the locals
told of an Herb of Forgetfulness, or the Herb of Oblivion.

Anyone stepping on the plant would immediately lose their memory,
and travelers would often become completely lost after stepping on
the plant…even if they knew the road and and had traveled it

The story stops abruptly there however.
According to the author, NO ONE could remember the name of the herb!

Don’t you just love it?   :)

Source: Gardening 101

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