Start Your Herbs with a Mini Greenhouse!

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If you live in a colder area and want to start some herbs (or anything) early this is a great trick

It’s a sort of mini greenhouse or portable cold frame.

The old tub method is an really simple way to start a few pots of herbs without a major production. Even if you don’t have “gardening equipment” you probably have some of this stuff lying around.

The beauty of this little greenhouse is the tub can go out during the day in a sunny area-just prop the lid open so your mini greenhouse doesn’t overheat. At night-bring the tub inside! Rinse and repeat.

For beginning your herbs you will need:

Several pots,or recycled containers

Seed starting mix, soil mix, or potting soil

A clear plastic tub- at least 6″ deep-preferable more so your herbs can grow taller.

looking through seedling tub

You simply wet your potting mix, place it into tubs, sort your seeds (and read the planting directions please!)

Plant them, and set the containers into your tub. Or tubs.

On sunny days in a protected area these little babies get super toasty-just like a real greenhouse. Make sure you vent them by setting the lids sideways, or take the lid off altogether if it’s warm enough. Condensation on the lid means it’s too warm and they need airflow. Just remember to bring them in before the sun sets, or temperatures drop.

These little guys will dry out on sunny days, so check the soil and water when needed.

Recycled Containers in mini 'Greenhouse' Grow Tub
Recycled Containers in a ‘Greenhouse’ Grow Tub
More Herb Seeds Started in a Grow Tub
More Herb Seeds Started in a Grow Tub

Try a tub, they are really easy and have fun growing!

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