How Long Does It Take For Roses To Bloom?- Tips For Beginners

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Gardening is amazing work requiring skills and knowledge. For instance, there is a wide range of elements to consider when you plant flowers, especially garden roses.

This article is helpful if you are new to garden work or have just dug your toes in this field. Besides answering the question of How long does it take for roses to bloom, also provide valuable tips and advice for you to have an amazing harvest.

How Long Does It Take For Roses To Bloom?

How Many Days For A Rose Bud To Bloom?

There are two typical types of roses with different principles of blooming: modern type and old garden or climbing ones. While the modern flowers commonly bloom during their growing season, the old garden flowers tend to blossom from spring to autumn or just once a year.

How long does it take for roses to bloom after planting? In the first crop of flowers grown in the late spring, it takes from 6 to 8 weeks to bloom.

In general, the reblooming of these flowers occurs from 4 to 10 weeks. The more petals they have, the longer for them to rebloom with brilliant color.

How many days for a rose bud to bloom

In specific, single rose petals ranging from 5 to 12 petals need the shortest time, just within 28 to 32 days. The ones with 45 to 50 rose petals require more time to rebloom, which is usually 6 weeks. 

The longest time for reblooming is around 10 weeks. This period belongs to densely-petaled roses, which can last on the rose bushes for 2 weeks to come.

Stages Of A Rose Blooming

The time mentioned is estimated for the whole bloom cycle of this type of flower. It begins from the last cut until the flowers rebloom.

Particularly, there are three stages in a rose bloom time cycle:

Stage 1: Buds of rose bushes development. This stage takes from 2 to 4 weeks. When the base stem is produced, the bud will soon appear. Then, reduce the nitrogen while adding more phosphorus to maximize the blooms’ sizes. 

It is time for you to select which buds to remove and which ones to keep. Here are the tips for each type of rose: 

  • Single bloom: Retain the largest bloom at the center of the stem. Cut off all surrounding buds to let the nutrients get into it directly.
  • A spray: Keep the surrounding buds while removing the biggest one in the middle.

How to encourage roses to bloom

Stage 2: Blooming. After nearly 2 weeks, the flowers will bloom. It is not recommended to use fertilizers. Instead, you can remove the growth if it may obstruct the flower.

Generally, the blooms can last for around 2 weeks on the stem. Leave off or deadheading is beneficial for the next rose bloom time cycle.

Stage 3: Floral cuttings. After harvesting the blossoms, new buds are on their way to life. Besides, the plant’s vigor will be increased.

The cut flowers can last from 3 days to a week based on the rose varieties.

Factors Affecting The Booming Of Roses

Planting Process

Spring is the favorable time to grow this flower. However, due to the diversified conditions in different areas, the planting time would expand to late autumn.

The first blossom cannot be productive, although the beautiful flowers still bloom in the upcoming season. From the second crop, you can expect abundant blooms.

The growth rate of this flower also depends on the equivalence between the climate and the type of rose. Make sure that you choose the right species for the environment in your region.

It is advised to dig an 18-inch hole with a cone shape in the annual soil for planting. There may be weak branches or horizontal canes on the new tree to be cut down. Keep the plant exposed to the sunlight and water them on a daily basis.

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Types Of Roses

There are five classifications of rose gardens offering distinct growth rates:

  • Long stem. This is the most popular type, which is up to 5 feet tall. Long stem roses bloom 3 times per year, while the first blossom comes after planting 6 weeks.
  • Climbing. The plant can thrive to 20 feet tall and wide. However, you have to wait until the second year to get the first blooming.
  • Floribundas. The floribundas type bloom once a year, from June to the beginning of the dry winter.
  • Shrub. The shrub roses are productive. It means it blossoms every season, including the cold winters.
  • Mini. This miniature rose type is similar to the shrub type, which can bloom throughout the year.

How long does it take for roses to bloom after planting

Why Is My Rose Not Blooming?

Here are some common causes of low blooming rate:

  • Planting this flower in the wrong location: The plant will not grow well if you choose an area lacking sunshine. If there is no option for a sunny condition, you can invest in grow lights.
  • Skipping soil amendments: Each rose plant should be grown in a 2-foot hole in depth after mixing the soil with manure. Meanwhile, the loamy soil should be 1 foot deeper than the normal type.
  • Different conditions: The flowers planted in cold and warm or dry summer weather and wet weather blossom differently.
  • Lack of water: Almost all types of roses are eager to water. Make sure you water them at least once a week.
  • Putting off pruning: Pruning helps reshape the whole tree and boost healthy growth.
  • No deadheading: As mentioned before, removing aged flowers and dead leaves is beneficial for new blooms.
  • Using harsh pesticides: Go for organic pesticides to tackle insects and common diseases.
  • Leaving plants infected: The most common problem in this flower is rose rosette disease. Those suffering from this issue have trouble when blooming.
  • Not feeding enough: Too late fertilization may lead to blooming in the wrong season. The ideal feeding times are after the previous spring frost and the first blossom.

How long does it take for roses to bloom after planting

How To Encourage Roses To Bloom?

Before growing, remember to choose the right rose varieties. They should be relevant to the weather conditions and the place of planting.

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Except for the end of the preparation for the bush’s dormancy after spring, all other times are suitable for optimizing blooms. Follow these tips to shorten the time required for the roses to bloom:

  • Regularly prune the faded blooms and broken canes.
  • Keep the fungal disease under control by keeping the rose foliage dry while watering.
  • Remove the pests in the flower buds.
  • Ensure balanced fertilizing and water the flower enough.


Planting flowers is an interesting and challenging work. Knowing how long does it take for roses to bloom and other techniques to take care of your garden will push you closer to your dream garden. 

As long as you understand the characteristics of the rose species and provide enough care, a bumper crop is coming.

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