How Many Wheelbarrows In A Cubic Yard?

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As materials calculation is critical to the final outcome regarding yard remodeling or building, it is very important that you got all basic knowledge about the measurement of this construction. 

One of the most commonly thought units of measurement for yard building is wheelbarrow loads. It’s a common measurement that is normally used in construction. For example, a wheelbarrow of sand, three wheelbarrows of concrete, etc. Check out our article at now!

how many wheelbarrows per cubic yard

However, this unit of measurement possibly sounds unfamiliar to people who do not work in the construction field. “What is a Cubid yard?” and “how many wheelbarrows in a cubic yard?” are the two most popular questions that people have around this topic. 

If you are also looking for answers to these questions, do not skip this blog. We will provide you with all info on calculating the number of loads needed and the size of the wheelbarrow!

What Is A Cubic Yard?

To put it in simple words, a yard load is a unit of measure which equal to 3 feet per load. It can be understood that a cubic yard will be similar to a box whose width, length, and height are all 3 feet. 

Measuring the mass of material will be very different from measuring the weight; for example, one cubic yard of one material can have twice the mass that of another material. However, one cubic yard of any material, even if not of the same mass, fills the same area.

Based on the area you want to work on, you’ll be able to calculate the number of cubic loads, rides, or volumes of material you’ll need.

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How Many Wheelbarrows In A Cubic Yard?

Material dealers will sell items, gardening materials in a sack which are all calculated in cubic yards. You can get the calculation result by understanding the size of the wheelbarrow and how many cubic meters your wheelbarrow can carry.

So, how many wheelbarrows per cubic yard? – For a 1-cubic foot yard of garden equipment, a 3-cubic-foot wheelbarrow will take 9 loads, while a 2-cubic-foot wheelbarrow will take up to 14 loaded barrows.

How Heavy Is A Wheelbarrow Full Of Concretes?

In most cases, the standard size wheelbarrow will be about 3-5 cubic feet. As for the concrete, one cubic foot of this material would weigh approximately 150lb. This means a typical wheelbarrow that is filled with the concrete range in weight from 450-750lb.

how many wheelbarrows per cubic yard

However, for 2-cubic-foot wheelbarrows, it would weigh about 135 pounds per cubic meter.

Knowing the size of the wheelbarrow is important for you to estimate the volume of the material. Once you have got the exact estimation, you will be able to make the necessary adjustment. 

Wheelbarrow sizes


As mentioned above, knowing the size of the wheelbarrow is very important, as it determines the wheelbarrow volume. So, what sizes are wheelbarrows

For standard-sized wheelbarrows, they will come in two types: shallow tray and deep tray wheelbarrow.

how many wheelbarrows per cubic yard

In gardening, the most commonly used is the shallow tray wheelbarrow. This typical garden variety wheelbarrow is suitable for backyard landscaping projects for small and medium properties. 

It’s light and compact, and this standard-size wheelbarrow is only about 2 cubic feet per wheelbarrow load. Due to this reason, it is the most common homeowner wheelbarrow. 

Mentioning the deep tray, it is very suitable for professionals or those who are passionate about gardening as it allows the loading of 3 to 6 cubic feet of gardening items.


These contractor wheelbarrows can carry the weight most easily due to their huge size. Moreover, contractor-sized wheelbarrows are often used by contractors or for a big landscaping project because it has loads of up to 6-10 cubic feet. 

Instead of you needing 2-3 wheelbarrows to carry materials when using a 3-cubic foot-sized wheelbarrow, you only need one when using a contractor-grade wheelbarrow.

what sizes are wheelbarrows

A typical contractor is suitable for large landscape installations, interior decorators, or professional contractors when you need to use plenty of tools. 

How To Measure One Wheelbarrow’s Volume Capacity?

You can measure the capacity of a wheelbarrow based on its size. Yet, what if you don’t get an accurate estimate of its size?

Measuring the wheelbarrow capacity is the best option in case you are unsure about its capacity. To be more specific, you must divide the measurement down into two different units to get the answer. 

Following the below steps to get the accurate measurement result: 

You will first need to measure the flat base and the inclination of the tray. The unit used to measure is the cubic yard. Then, pair the two together to get the wheelbarrow’s capacity.

Tray’s Flat Base

Determine the flat surface of the tray, then measure its length and width. Note the parameters in a notebook for later calculation. Calculate surface area using the formula: 

“surface area = length x breath”.

Measure the length from the base of the tray to the gold, which is the height of the tray. On the other hand, calculate the wheelbarrow tray capacity using the formula:

 “Cubic volume = length x height x width”.

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Tray’s Slope Section

Determine the inclined part of the tray and measure the length and width. Then, create a closed shape with a ruler across the rim of the tray.

Tray’s Cubic Capacity

Get the result of the base capacity from the cubic volume calculation and divide it by two. You will get your head capacity of the tilting part of the wheelbarrow. 

The net wheelbarrow tray capacity shall be calculated by adding the volume of the ramp to the volume of the flat base.


So, how many wheelbarrows in a cubic yard? –  1-cubic foot yard of garden equipment – a 3-cubic-foot wheelbarrow will take nine loads, while a 2-cubic-foot wheelbarrow will take up to 14  loaded barrows. Hopefully, this blog has provided you with useful info about the topic!

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