How to Get Rid of Henbit and Chickweed?

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A wonderful garden is such a great one to have at home, isn’t it? A garden that bears fruits, vegetables, root crops, and any other else is also ideal in supporting organic and backyard produce. Having a garden also bring lots of benefits which can help us in or living. It can provide us with products that are guaranteed safe, organic, and healthy to consume. It can also help us to cut expenses in our groceries with some common products in our garden.

However, gardens are not always capable of producing fruits or vegetables if there are weeds that take the nutrients from them. These Henbit and Chickweed have been two of the major weeds hated by a lot of garden growers. Have you heard anything already about these two? Well, if not, this is the right time to educate yourself about these weeds for you to know whether they have already invaded your garden and how to remove it effectively.

Defining Henbit and Chickweed

Henbit or also called as Lamium Amplexicaule is an annual weed that mostly grows on spring lawns and garden beds. This weed also bears flowers and seeds that are the keys for it to propagate in different spaces. The flowers come in white to purple colors, which trick a lot of people to believe that it is a plant.

Chickweed, on the other hand, is also a kind of weed that is most common during the winter season. This weed is known to its scientific name- Stellaria media, and it can sprout on the Unite States. Just like Henbit, Chickweed also bears flowers that come in white color, egg-shaped, and small.

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You may think that Henbit and Chickweed both make help to your garden by adding colors and flowers to it, yet you are wrong. These weeds are considered pests, and it will only infiltrate your garden affecting the other plants on it. Given this, let us know the effective steps on how to get rid of these two.

How to Get Rid of Henbit and Chickweed?

Effort with Hand

If you can see that Henbit and Chickweed are still young shoots that can be removed easily, you can always manually do the job. You can remove the shoots by your hand, and it will be even much more convenient and effective. However, just make sure that you have the proper equipment, especially hand gloves, to avoid having contact with it.
To do this, grasp the weeds and pull it out from the ground gently. Make sure that even the roots are pulled out to prevent it from growing back again. Also, you might need to clean and dry the roots under the sun to get rid of it.

how to kill chickweed

Lush the Garden Up

If the shoots are already big and you will have a hard time removing it by hand, you can always incorporate the new technology which is designed to help us in our living. Using technological devices and equipment to get rid of Henbit and Chickweed will be a relief and easier.

You can always start with this process by watering the soil to make it moist. Then, after that, you can already proceed in putting fertilizers to the ground. The fertilizer will act as the weed killer, which is okay if you do not have that time to do the cleaning of your garden. Always remember that fertilizing the soil regularly will help to stop it from spreading.

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Stop Henbit and Chickweed from Their Tracks

If you have successfully eliminated the Henbit and Chickweed from your garden, make sure to stop it right there. Henbit and Chickweed will never do any good to the garden. That is why it is only essential to getting rid of them. Make sure that the garden is monitored regularly to avoid the shoots from coming back again. Also, make sure to regularly put fertilizer or any other kind of herbicide to prevent the Henbit and Chickweed from coming back.

how to kill henbit

Spring Forward

Henbit and Chickweed are considered as stubborn weeds. It can grow automatically, and it isn’t easy to get rid of. So, putting a lot of effort into preventing the Henbit and Chickweed regrowth is needed to make every garden free from these weeds. If not followed or doe, a place filled with Henbit and Chickweed will experience several problems, especially if the garden is supposed to support products for the market.

Things to Use:

  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Herbicide
  • Fertilizer


Getting rid of any type of weed from the garden is a must thing to do. Nowadays, people are so glued so modern technology, especially mobile devices, which made life easier when, in fact, it made situations only worse. Back then, having a weekly or much better daily activity in the garden with the family can be an opportunity to interact and make the bond with them. Besides, there are plenty of great things to do in the garden, such as cleaning, raking, digging, planting, watering the plants, and other else that is why anyone will never get bored. Instead of modern gadgets, why don’t let the children be involved with this kind of thing and lifestyle for them to carry them until they get old? They can gain lots of learning that they can apply not only in their life but also in studies.

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Getting rid of Henbit and Chickweed with the mentioned steps and ways can be used as an effective opportunity to create more memories with the family. Instead of the gadgets, create more memories even by simply digging a hole, planting a seed, watering the plants, and other else. Trust the process. You will not be able to remove the Henbit and Chickweed only. You can also create more memories with your family or loved ones that will always remain at heart for a lifetime.

To finally conclude, Henbit and Chickweed are both weeds that must be removed from a garden if an abundance of produce is being expected. Getting rid of these two will help not only the plants but also the ones who planted to achieve success.

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