How to Get Rid of Moles in Yard with Castor Oil

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The yard increases your home’s curb appeal, limits noise pollution, boosts resale value, promotes safety, and guarantees a healthier lifestyle.

But the yard is hard to maintain. There is uneven growth in the shade, patchy slope, weeds, bare spots, rusts, lights rings, moss, and thinning grass.

That’s not all! Perhaps, there are suspicious holes where moles live, and getting rid of these creatures can be a headache.

What are the signs that your yard is infested with moles? Can mole infestation cause danger to a household? How to deter these pests?

Common Signs of Mole Infestation in the Yard

Moles can be a hassle for homeowners, but knowing the signs of infestation can help.

Above Ground Mole Holes – Symmetrical or circular mounds of dirt in the lawn? The risk of having moles in the yard is higher than you’ve expected. The pests use the holes as an entry or exit point.

Surface tunnels – Are there 3-30 inch ridges in the garden? If yes, moles can be the culprit. Used as a passageway to eat grub, surface tunnels can be a nesting place, too.

Damage to Lawn – You have worked hard to maintain your garden. From regular trimming to cleaning, you get all these tasks done. A well-maintained yard is aesthetically pleasing until the moles’ attack. When left untreated for days, the soil begins to lose, and perennial flowers begin to wither.

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Location of Holes – The location of surface tunnels indicates a mole problem. When there are raised dirt along the paths, fencing, borders, driveway or home foundation, it’s best to inspect these areas further.

Yard condition – Moles love a healthy yard because the worms and grub are plentiful. For a well-maintained garden, homeowners need to have extra attention to detail.

How to Get Rid of Moles in Yard

Dangers of Mole Infestation

Moles can play a significant role in the management of soil and undesirable grub control.

A highly infested garden is a different case since the creatures can be dangerous to the lawn and landscape. They can cause serious damages to the root system of ornamental plants and grasses. They can lead to raised areas, and weeds grow faster in most affected spots.

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Get Rid of Moles with Castor Oil

Some homeowners believe that castor oil can kill moles. The truth is that the ingredient can evict the pests from a colorful yard.

Castor oil upsets a moles’ digestion, causes a stomach problem, and make them itch. Then, moles reroute their tunnels elsewhere.

Now, how to get rid of moles in the yard with castor oil? Follow these simple steps:

Buy a quality castor oil

Make sure the product is trusted for effective and lasting results. Don’t be tempted to purchase the cheapest brand to avoid recurring lawn issues. Be willing to invest in a reliable and experts-recommended solution. Ask a close friend for some referrals. Plus, visit a certified and licensed garden center.

Mix the solution yourself

Ready-made mole deterrent products are expensive because of the demand. To cut costs, purchase unrefined oil. Then, mix it with a gallon of water in a bucket. Add 6 ounces of castor oil and 2tsp of a vegetable-based detergent. That’s it! It is ready to use.

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Pour the mixture into a hose sprayer or a spray bottle

Don’t buy a spray bottle. Look around the storage room to find an empty hose sprayer. This saves your time and breaks down the expenses in the long run.

Switch on the lawn sprinkler

Homeowners apply castor oil on raised surfaces or ridges right away. Don’t do the same thing. Prepare the target area before anything else. To get started, saturate specific spots with enough water. Use the hose or lawn sprinkler to finish the task ahead of time. Seek assistance when the need arises.

Saturate the soil with castor oil

After spraying water in the yard, what’s next? It’s time to saturate the soil with the castor-based mixture. Make sure all attacked areas are covered well. Don’t take shortcuts. Then, spray roots of transplanted shrubs and flowers.

Apply an inch of water

You’re done applying castor oil and roots of flowers. Don’t forget to apply an inch of water to soak the solution. Be cautious about your safety and comfort.

Using Castor Oil to Remove Moles

Popular Home Remedies

Tabasco – Readily available in many households, tabasco is another effective home remedy to protect your yard against moles. Combine tabasco with peppermint oil, castor oil, and water. Put the solution in a bottle. Place a cotton ball in it. Let it soak for a minute. Then, place the balls in the holes.

Mothballs – Effective and inexpensive, mothballs can help deter moles. How to use them? Simply place several mothballs at the entrance of the tunnels. This remedy is only ideal for a minor infestation. For the heavily infested yard, take advantage of other alternatives available.

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Plants – Some plants can play a critical role in keeping moles away from the garden. Careful and thorough research shouldn’t be ignored to find which ones are the most reliable. Common options include castor beans, mole plant, daffodils, fritillarias, alliums, and marigolds.

Other Effective Alternatives

Castor oil is a go-to option for homeowners who want to deter moles from their yard. But what are the other excellent solutions to consider? Here are some of them:

Install Fences and Wire

When treating a garden and other small spaces, mesh wire fences are a great investment. Although they can’t totally deter moles, they can protect a small area. Bury the right size of wire fences along the perimeter.

Improve Soil Drainage

Moles like damp lawn and moist soil as they can move around freely. This is where the best soil drainage can come into play. Contact a qualified professional to enjoy guaranteed results.

Rely on a Professional

Nothing can really beat the services of an experienced specialist. From mole infestation to the yard maintenance, an expert can handle the projects of all sizes. They have the right equipment and the best team, too. The services are of the highest quality and available at the most competitive price.

Protect your yard with home remedies and the services of an expert! A comfortable, lush, and aesthetic garden will be a reality!


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