How To Get Rid of Mushrooms in The Lawn with Vinegar: Step by Step

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Are the obstinate garden mushrooms driving you nuts? They sprout everywhere and refuse to subside despite all of your attempts. You lose nights of sleep trying to find an escape out of this dilemma. Not anymore after today, once you have read our guidelines on how to get rid of mushrooms in the lawn with vinegar.

This article will feed you step-by-step guidance, securing your best possible outcomes. Let’s dive right in!

Why Do Mushrooms Grow in My Lawn and What Risks Do They Pose?

how to get rid of mushrooms out of your yard
They often develop in humid conditions.


Mushrooms only develop in the perfect environment (for them, not for us). Prolonged bouts of damp and humid conditions, for example, induce them to stretch out from the ground. Wind-blown spores only help them spread to new regions. 

Once these spores settle in a perfect spot, they grow into new fungus. Given enough time, mushrooms will naturally spring up. They dissipate when the weather becomes warmer.

Bear in mind that although the fruiting bodies have vanished, fungal mycelia still thrive in the soil. These fungi will keep growing as long as organic matter substances are available to feed on. 

The moment their growth circumstances are favorable, lawn mushrooms will be back. 

One important take: mushrooms are merely above-ground fruit bodies of soil-dwelling fungus. Most fungi reside underground, remaining invisible and unrecognized until their mushrooms bloom. 

Is Mushroom A Good Or Bad Sign?

Despite the hideous looks, fungi are among the most useful organisms on our planet. These detritivores consume decomposing organic waste such as stumps, aged roots, or leaves. All in all, mushrooms pose no actual harm to your lawns and gardens; it is just that they are, well, ugly. 

Remove them by hand or lawnmowers if you cannot wait for these eyesores to have their natural deaths. Vinegary applications are another efficient approach. The next sections will cover how to carry it out.

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How to Get Rid of Mushrooms in the Lawn with Vinegar?

how to get rid of mushrooms out of your yard
How to get rid of them?

What kills mushroom in your lawn? The answer is household vinegar. It harms neither your grass nor soil surface (if done correctly), one of the best tactics to repel unwanted intruders. 

So how to get rid of mushrooms out of your yard? Trace along with our simple methods below:

1. Get The Right Materials

Some handy companions are required for a positive outcome. Nothing excessive or difficult to get, though; we are certain all these supplies are available in most grocery stores. Here is a brief checklist:

  • Kitchen vinegar sprayer/sponge/soft brush 
  • Gloves
  • A Bucket (or a sack)
  • Helmets (for more safety)

2. Check the Weather Conditions

Mushrooms often grow on lawns or in damp areas during the rainy season. If rain falls right after the vinegar is applied, it cannot function properly. All your efforts will be washed away (literally). 

Hence, optimal timing is a must. Ensure it does not – and will not – rain on your chosen day. The more proper sunlight, the better. Refer to a trustworthy source for appropriate weather forecasting information. 

3. Create an Effective Combination

The most challenging part of the whole process is to develop an ideal combination of all critical factors. Temperature, soil humidity, and the state of your afflicted region will influence the acetic acid levels required.

Most experts suggest a ratio of 1:4 for vinegar and water. In the case of novices, start with a low-density vinegar solution first. Then adjust the level of concentration based on the output. 

4. Pick Out An Application Tool

how to get rid of mushrooms out of your yard
Spray bottles

As you must have been aware, vinegary wines are a natural herbicide. Once they get in touch with your green grass, it will burn. 

A fragile sprayer likely will not do much to protect the grass. Brushes or sponges are preferable, but inexperienced gardeners might struggle with them, especially when the lawn is infested with multiple wild mushroom colonies.

So if you have no choice but to opt for a spray bottle, use one with a flat tip. A 60-degree spray angle will help you hit the target precisely.

5. Adhere to Necessary Safety Procedures

Protect Yourselves

Working with strong substances is not for those with a faint of heart. They might burn your skin and harm the eye cornea. Worse, certain types of fungi are toxic, causing physical discomfort after skin contact. Thus, do not forget gloves and goggles for your hand and eye protection.

Protect Your Metal Barrier and Lawn Furniture

As we have mentioned, vinegary substances retain acetic acid. They produce reactive responses to tons of metals, such as iron, aluminum, and tin. Your lawn furniture will be at immense risk. Be vigilant and take appropriate procedures to safeguard these essential items.

6. Spread The Vinegar Effectively

Want to keep your lawn grass intact? Then only use a modest amount of vinegary vapors. Sprinkle them gently. If you plan to reseed, just spread the vinegary fluid straight onto the mushroom-affected area. 

Another useful tip is to aerate or loosen your soil. That way, the green lawn would sustain proper drainage. Pluck the fungus off the ground to control their possible reproduction.

How Does Vinegar Kill Unwanted Mushrooms in Lawns?

How to get rid of mushrooms in the lawn with vinegar

Vinegary products for kitchen usage, such as apple cider, contain between 5% and 7% acetic acid. Industrial variants have 10% to 70%. 30% is reported for natural horticulture ones. So it is not a surprise when these strong liquids burn the fungi exteriors.

But will vinegar kill mushrooms? In fact, what is visible to your naked eyes are just the fruits. Their actual main bodies are composed of mycelia under the soil, so your surface strikes cannot harm the mycelia. Still, they will destroy spores, a critical factor that fosters future mushroom growth.

We suggest a frequent vinegar application (once or twice a week) to keep these unwelcome guests under control.

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What Type of Vinegar Should I Use?

Apple cider or white wine works fine in most cases. But with more severe mushroom issues, they are insufficient. These variants are diluted with low pH values, bearing little to no impact on strong fungi. Hence, horticulture or vinegary industrial liquids are the optimal alternatives thus far.

How Long Does It Take for Vinegar to Take Effect?

All in all, it takes 3 to 4 days for the liquids to settle. Of course, this timeframe will vary depending on the specific issues, but four days is the generally accepted norm.


How to get rid of mushrooms in the lawn with vinegar? Now you have the answer. Your lawns would always look neat and exquisite with proper planning and execution. Even the most brazen fungi cannot stand a chance.

Other tips are also included for better efficiency. If there are still things not yet discussed in these guidelines, you can always reach out to us for more clarification.

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