How To Get Rid Of Sweat Bees – The Ultimate Guide

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If sweat bees fly into your home and disrupt your family’s activities, it will be quite annoying. These insects in the home can be a concern for children and allergy sufferers. 

keep sweat bees away

Do you wonder if there is any way to eliminate these nefarious creatures from yourself and your loved ones? Lucky you, in this article, we will guide you through how to get rid of sweat bees. Let’s dive in for the complete guide!

What Are Sweat Bees?


These insects refer to bee species drawn to the salt content found in the sweat of humans. They are small, roughly the size of a sesame seed, measuring 0.125 to 0.5 inches in length. Because of their modest size, many people are oblivious to their presence. 

The metallic or somewhat darker look of these insects is common. While the majority of them have yellowish spots, some can also be found in red and green.


They are also vital pollinators, helping to pollinate native plants in their habitat. This type of bee uses its short tongue to suck human fluid. That’s why they are often called sweat bees.

Depending on the species, they can be solitary or eusocial. This species mainly live underground and excavate holes underneath the soil.

keep sweat bees away

Are Sweat Bees Dangerous?

Is It Dangerous To Being Stung By Sweat Bees?

Most of these insects are normally non-aggressive. They only bite as a form of defense if you accidentally damage their ground nest or if they feel threatened. These stinging insects are also considered the least painful of all insect stings. 

However, a bee sting is likely to induce allergies as any other bee sting. The non-toxic nib will stay in your skin till you take it out. If a person has bee allergies, stinging can trigger significant reactions.

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Sweat Bees Sting Treatment

If you are accidentally stung by these annoying insects, do first aid by removing their venom from your skin as soon as possible.

To remove the stinger, carefully scrape the burned area with a flat metal object. You can also use tweezers to remove the stinger. However, if you use tweezers to press the bee venom too hard, it will be pushed further into the skin.

You should also not scratch the skin in any way. Because this can aggravate inflammation and swelling, as well as cause infection. After removing the venom, you can use home remedies such as applying pain cream, applying ice, or taking pain relievers.

If you have anaphylaxis or cases of headaches, nausea, or fainting, you may experience severe allergic reactions and should get medical help.

How To Get Rid Of Sweat Bees?

These insects are often easier to get rid of than other pests. If you’re wondering how to keep these small insects out of your house and garden, there are a variety of work solutions. Here are some simple ways to exterminate this nasty insect.

lure the bees out of the house

Clean Up Your Garden

These tiny insects prefer to build their nests on the ground. They do not make nests or dwell in big colonies like other bees. 

You can remove the dirt from your garden or lawn, and they will have nowhere to live. Consider the following methods to eliminate dirt areas:

  • Spread mulch between garden rows or behind bushes.
  • In desolate open areas, plant more grass or vines.
  • Mulch, pebbles, or garden fabric can be used to cover filthy areas.

Use Fruit To Lure Bees Away

Bees love the scent of fruits such as mango, pear, sugarcane, orange, tangerine, etc. Therefore, we can take advantage of this to lure the bees out of the house. This method will work, but it will be more gradual.

You can take a few mango pieces and place them in an open box. Then you arrange these fruit peels around 5-10 meters away from their nests to entice them to come here to feed. You continue to shift these fruits every 2-3 days. Repeat this process until they leave your home.

keep sweat bees away

Use Mint

Mint is not a favor of bees, and these creatures are no exception. Plant a mint plant if you wish to keep sweat bees away from your home. The mint’s aroma will repel bees from staying in your area.

Another option is to produce a mint spray and apply it to your skin before leaving the house. You can either purchase natural or organic mint from your local drugstore or mix your all-natural deterrent spray at home. If you have to go out for the day, carry this handmade spray bottle with you.

Wear Long-sleeved Clothes

Another successful strategy is to dress in clothing that exposes as little skin as possible. When walking or running outside, you should wear a long-sleeved t-shirt, long pants or leggings, and, if necessary, a cap or sweatshirt to cover your head. They are less likely to hover around you if they can’t reach your sweaty skin.

keep sweat bees away

Take A Shower At Least Two Times A Day

Obviously, if you don’t sweat, the insects won’t bother you. As a result, showering at least twice a day is highly recommended. When you have outdoor activities and often sweat, you should strive to keep yourself clean and sanitary. 

To keep the insects from being drawn to your sweat, wash off with a shower as soon as you get to sweat. This is the simplest method for getting rid of these insects.

Use Traps

If none of the above methods work, you might wish to try a bee trap. There are many types of traps available for purchase.

All you need to do is fill the bottom of the trap with a sweet solution, and the bees will be drawn in and unable to escape, eventually drowning.

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Use Insect Repellent

The simplest, least time-consuming, and labor-intensive approach for driving these insects out of the house is to use sweat bee repellent. However, instead of using insecticides to repel them, try natural ingredients to chase them away from your garden. 

Many commercial insect repellents are available on the market that is safer for the environment than harmful chemicals.

If you still want to employ this strategy, spray it on the nesting sites for 5-10 minutes, where the insects are most active in the garden. When they detect this odor, they will instinctively flee your home after a while.

One thing worth noting is to make sure you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Besides, double-check the components, particularly if you have pets or children.

Final Thoughts

While the bees aren’t too much of a threat to you and your family, chasing them away will help keep you comfortable without being bothered by them.

Hopefully, you are able to successfully implement the above methods on how to get rid of sweat bees to evict these unwanted visitors.

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