How to Make Fairy & Gnome doors

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Are there fairies and gnomes in your herb garden?

Here is another great garden decor project you can make!

These fairy and gnome doors are easy to do and lots of fun to make. They look terrific placed against a tree with a hollow or in a ‘nook’ around tree roots.

Fairy or Gnome Door
Fairy or Gnome Door

Kids have a good time making these, too. They can use a plastic knife or ruler edge for making the ‘wood grain’ and will just need a little adult help with baking their project.

In this first video I’ll show you how to make a fairy door with oven bake clay.

The second video (below) you’ll learn how to make a door with wood, twigs, and craft sticks, bark or shims.

This video shows another type of door with a more natural look.

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