How To Make Lawn Green And Thick: Simple Tips In Hand

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Those shaggy and grassy lawns of the neighbors always trigger your thirst to own yours. The brutal reality sadly does not have the same feeling as you: Your home yard has never been that ravishing no matter how hard you try!

Understanding such a pet peeve, we’ve come up with the champion tips on how to make lawn green and thick. Wait for no more but jump right in and grasp some handy hints for your upcoming progress!

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9 Tips On How To Make Lawn Green And Thick

Test Your Soil

Here’s something people may not yet be familiar with: Every green color land is growing up on a one-of-a-kind journey. Without knowing whether or not it is healthy enough for vigorous lawn growth, there’s no way for you to keep your strides on track later. 

That’s why when it comes to how to make your grass grow green and thick, you need to test yours and fulfill its precise exclusive demands. There’s even a chance that you can uncover some hidden problems anyhow!

In this sense, the tested result will bring to light the soil’s risks regarding pH, temperature, etc., which has the potential to prevent your lawn from growing thickly and grassy.

Improve Your Soil

Getting your soil ready is one of the next things you should ever give heed to regarding how to make lawn green and thick look

With those harmful agents showing up apparently thanks to the above clay soil tests, no wonder you’ll find ways to get this dear better soon!

For instance, if the problem rests at low or high soil pH, then it must be time to provide your turf with lime, soil amendments, or other lawn care products to reinforce the balance and spring up a healthy life sooner.

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Mow Your Lawn Correctly

Sometimes your bountiful, glossy lawn has to be babysat with a lot of awareness to take care of.

Not only must you mow it regularly, how to cut it is important as well. That way, the key is to always trim no more than a third of the height in one shot.

What if you accidentally leave it for too long, and now the length is uncontrollable? Then multiple mows are what you should head for, not cutting all at once so that the grass type won’t be too shocked and result in a slower recovery afterward.

Using the lawnmower with a sharp grass blade rather than a dull blade makes tons of sense if you don’t want your thicker lawn to get damaged, too!

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Water Grass Properly

Don’t you know when you feed your grass with water also matters greatly in how to make lawn green and thick extra?

Picturing this: Night watering can cause redundant humidity, which is a neat environment for destructive threats to attack the plant. Mid-day sunshine hours don’t get any better either since there’s a possibility any inch of water won’t be able to reach the green grass roots but vaporize in a flash.

So what else do we have left? You must wonder. The early morning indeed makes the most monumental scene. Neither too sunny nor too moony, and there you go to nail the green lawn conquest. 


A secret is on its way to the revelation! Yes, you don’t mishear it: Overseeding can not only help oodles in your turf condensing but also in its greening.

The question here is: How could that happen? 

The simple step answer may be far beyond your imagination, but all you have to do is merely fill grass seed in the empties in your garden. That’s how you’ve reaped a splendid opportunity to improve grass density and empower it to withstand lawn diseases, insects, heavy traffic, or even drought.

how to make your grass grow green and thick

Feed Your Lawn

Every living creature needs nutrition to keep surviving and rising vigorously. Your grassplot is not an exception.

There are three fundamental elements the healthier lawn would be in need of: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK). Needless to say, different ratios, equally to the type of fertilizer (whether it is organic fertilizer or not), will lead to different outcomes. Only a proper test can tell you which is the one your thicker lawn has been hunting for.

Timing to add fertilizer is also where you should ride the herd on. With this in mind, on-target healthy lawn goals are not how regularly you enrich your turf but when you have to get that covered. Our reveals would be right after winter and on the reapplying basis of about 4 to 6 weeks separated.


Fertilization, along with water, is undeniably a vital feature no thicker grass can live without. However, all your lush lawn yearns for is not just so, but air replenishment as well.

Here goes how things work out: The longer you conduct seeding, the more compacted soil would be. This leaves the lawn roots no other choice but to lose air day by day. 

If gardeners don’t run lawn aeration at least once a year, the risk of your lawn hitting a dead-end is ringing the alarm bell.

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Let’s say you are holding a bowl of rice and a bottle of delicious chili sauce. Now, with a stubby layer of chicken pieces and other toppings covering, would you think that sauce is still able to soak in the rice? 

It’s hard to declare, isn’t it? The same thing happens to your home greener lawn growth!

That way, an unwanted layer of thatch derived from withered leaves, grass cuttings, etc., is what you must remove at times. Otherwise, that layer will curb the absorption progress of your turf grass.

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Weed Prevention And Removal

If you are one of those perennial green color apprentices, there must not be any stranger to mentioning weed’s impacts on lawns. 

Nevertheless, perhaps you have not yet known: Ways to control this dead grass phenomenon are as easy as pie!

Seeing the notes, you’ll see there is nothing worth bothering with. Merely having your lawn mowed on a frequent basis and uprooting the entire lawn weeds’ deep roots one by one are sufficient for a perfect on-going.


The time to finish brushing up gardening knowledge is up, but neither is your intriguing green grass thicker expedition! 

We hope that our article on how to make lawn green and thick can be a great help to your grassy triumph. Now, don’t forget to leave a comment about what confuses you, and stay tuned for our next updates!

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