How To Prevent Grass From Growing Between Pavers

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It is natural for grass to grow on your pavers after a long time. The mass number of weeds growing between the brick patio will make your exterior look less attractive. The more serious problem is that grass will ruin the inner structure of your pavers.

If you don’t take any measures to eliminate the grass, the bricks on your patio pavers will crack. Then you have to pay a lot of money to repair or even replace a new paver. It is much more economical to take preventative measures and stop the grass from growing on pavers. 

This article on will instruct you on how to prevent grass from growing between pavers. The approaches we offer are inexpensive, with proven effectiveness in stopping weed growth. 

how to prevent grass from growing between brick pavers

How To Prevent Grass From Growing Between Pavers – 6 Ways

Cut The Grass

When it comes to how to prevent grass from growing between brick pavers, the first thing to do is to remove the grass. You can choose to pick up the weed by hand, which is more flexible and inexpensive. But this method is also time-consuming and exhaustive, especially when your slabs are too large. 

Before removing the grass, put on garden gloves to protect your hands from sharp branches and soil. The glove will also keep your hand dry and safe from the small insects living inside the bushes. Wear a garden boot to protect your leg as the garden is wet and dirty.

Remember to prepare a troller or wastebasket to contain the grass. Doing this helps you save a lot of time collecting the removed weeds on your slabs. If the cracks are too narrow, you can use a small knife to remove the grass.

Using Natural Remedies

This is the best way to keep grass from growing between paver stones. If you don’t have time to spend hours picking up the grass, consider using natural remedies to kill the weed. This method is safe and doesn’t affect the environment compared to chemical treatments. 

One honorable natural remedy we recommend is baking soda. Baking soda is very effective in absorbing moisture. When applying this powder to weed, it will soak up all the moisture and fluid in the grass. Also, the salt in baking soda will slowly kill the unwelcome guests. 

This ingredient is a popular product sold in virtually every grocery store at cheap prices. If you can’t put your hands on baking soda, try using the natural eating salt in your kitchen. Mix the salt with water in the ratio of 1:3 and apply the substance to the grass. 

Some other effective natural remedies are boiling water and white vinegar. They are all inexpensive and easy to find.

How to stop grass and weeds from growing between pavers

Chemical Treatment

How to stop grass and weeds from growing between pavers? Another effective solution is applying chemical treatment. You can find many weedicides manufactured specifically to kill the grass in online stores. There are different weedicides suitable for stages of weed growth on your slabs. 

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The first one is pre-sprouting weedicide. It can prevent the growth of grass seeds in damp soil. You should apply this chemical after removing all the grass on the slabs. 

Use post-sprouting weedicide if the grass has grown and concentrated in the cracks between your paver. The strong chemicals will kill the annoying weed instantly or after a few hours. Ensure that you use the right proportion of chemicals to avoid any harmful effects on the environment. 

These substances are also very dangerous to human health. Please don’t touch them with your bare hand. Remember to put on a facemask when you apply these chemical weed killers. 

prevent the grass from growing between pavers

Pressure Wash

Pressure wash your slabs after picking up the growing weed in the cracks. Pressure washing will remove the excessive dead weeds and clean the compacted soil deep in the cracks between brick pavers. Your yard will be clean of grass roots and have a more beautiful lawn at the same time. 

It is best to use a surface cleaner with low water pressure to clean the pavers. A strong pressure washer can ruin your soil and damage your paver structure, notably brick pavers. 

After washing, the water will remove all the weed seeds lying deeply in the soil. You no longer have to worry about the weed growing back after a long time. 

Seal The Paver

The last step to prevent the grass from growing between pavers is to seal the patio stones. 

The seal layer will cover all the land of the paver, so grass between pavers and nearby plants won’t have space to grow. You can purchase high-quality sealers in a convenient store or online shopping at affordable prices. 

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Before applying the sealer, ensure that you have removed all the weed and grass seeds in the soil. Your slabs should be clean without any surface dirt or objects in the cracks. One way to do this is using pressure wash and small knives to clean the cracks. 

The sealer will also protect your paver patio against dirt and rain. One more benefit is that the sealer will enhance the color of your paver. They will preserve the inner structure and make your slabs look more attractive at the same time.

how to prevent grass from growing between brick pavers

Apply Polymeric Sand

The latest polymeric sand is a combination of sand and binding compounds. Polymeric sand protects the slabs against erosion and insect infestation with polymeric sand. The joints between the slabs will become more flexible and solid by applying the sand layer. 

First, fill the cracks with polymeric sand by spreading the sand equally in every little space. Then use a hose to spray water on the polymeric sand. After a short period, the sand will become hard like cement.

Wear safety glass in the process of sweeping the sand. It is very dangerous if the sand dust reaches your eyes and nose. Ensure that the surface of the slabs is dry and clean before applying the polymeric sand.  


A clean paver will make your home more welcoming and neat. And keeping it free of nasty weeds is of great help. 

We hope that these 6 methods on how to prevent grass from growing between pavers can help you deal with the annoying “guests”. They are inexpensive and easy to do, with high effectiveness in eliminating the grass. 

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