How to Store Potatoes Long Term

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Potatoes are said to be rich in potassium and a good source of carbs and fiber. It can be set in many ways, such as fried, boiled, and or mashed. You should also be aware of how much you keep and if you store your potatoes properly. The proper storage can help extend their shelf life and prevent unnecessary waste.

In storing the potatoes, there are also several things that you can do so that you can have it for a long time. The first thing to consider is to keep the potatoes into a well-ventilated container. And in a dry location away from the direction of the sunlight. The area temperature also should be about 45 up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another tip to make sure that your potatoes would last longer, you must also place it into a paper bag. A cardboard box or only as a box is also great for storage. However, you shouldn’t place or keep your tomatoes into a plastic bag. Because as we know, plastic is not breathable and helps make the potatoes to ripe fast as the kit is suffocated. It is also advisable that you keep it in the coldest part of your kitchen or even in the dry part of your basement.

In storing your potatoes at home, you should observe these specific things, such as it should be free from soft spots, sprouts, molds, shovel damage, and pest damage. And then, stay your potatoes in a cold, humid, and dark place with proper ventilation.

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Option 1 – Root Cellar Storage

In this process of storage, fresh potatoes are canned in the cellar and, if your home is not well equipped with a cellar, an unheated garage or chilly corner in the basement can do. However, it is not enough that you will only toss the potatoes into the cellar. You will also need to prepare them for a multi-day curing process before the tossing. But the question is, “how to store cured potatoes“. As post-curing, place your potatoes in any container that allows ventilation, it can be a cardboard box, paper bag, or even a laundry basket. Always inspect your vegetables every few weeks to sort out soft potatoes from those potatoes that have sprouted. If left unchecked or if you will not check them from time to time, a few rotten potatoes can spoil the entire bin.

Your potatoes may last up to eight months, depending upon how you stored it. To continue it for a long month, keep your vegetables away from apples and other fresh fruits because combining or mixing it with the other fruits makes it sprout or spoil. When you are about to consume the potatoes, don’t forget to wash them. This is to avoid any risk to your health and your family. When you see sprouts at your potatoes, remove them immediately if you are going to consume them.

Storing Potato in Root Cellar Storage

Option 2 – Rebury The Potatoes Outdoors

The second option that you can do to preserve the potatoes is to rebury it. This is the simplest preservation method that you can do as returning them to the ground can help it grow more. As early as after harvesting them, you can still rebury it. You can also follow these few steps, such as digging the soil for about six inches deep. Put the potatoes on the bottom, and cover them with soil, and put a few folds of a newspaper to protect them from rain.

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Option 3 – Slice and Blanch Potatoes for Freezer Storage

Storing the potatoes in your freezer is more convenient than canning them. And frosting it can help the potatoes last longer. You can peel the potatoes and place it immediately into clean cold water to prevent its color turning into brown. To blanch the vegetables, you need to boil it first for as long as three to five minutes, depending on its size. Also, make sure that you wash the potatoes twice before blanching it. After the blanching process, now is the time to transfer the potatoes into the bowl of ice water.

Inputting the potatoes into the cold water will help stop the cooking of the potato. After it, let the potatoes cool down and drain and place it in a freezer bag. You can use a vacuum sealer to pull out the air to prevent spoiling. Once you want to consume the potatoes, you should defrost it overnight for its best texture, and then cook it.

Option 4 – Pressure Cans Potatoes

If you cannot refrigerate your potatoes, it is possible to do so. You can prepare a jar and fill it with potatoes and salt it. To start, you need to peel the potatoes, remove any necessary things such as the eyes before chopping it into half-inch. And put it into a large bowl that is filled with cold water to prevent the potato’s color change into brown. After it, you can now boil it and start to blanch for 3 to 5 minutes. Darin and rinse the potatoes before you place them into the sterilized jars and fill them with hot water. You can also add or put one teaspoon of salt per quart, but this is optional. Wipe the rims of the can before putting on clean rings and lids.

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Pressure Cans Potatoes

Option 5 – Dehydrate For Potato Flakes

The next option is to dehydrate the potatoes. The first thing that you should do is to peel the potatoes. Make sure that after peeling, you will put the peeled potatoes into cold water; through this, it will prevent the potatoes color turning into brown color. To ensure even cooking, make sure that you chop the potatoes into the same sizes. After boiling the potatoes, place it in cold water to let it cool, and prevent overcooking. In this option, you can use a stands mixer or immersion blender.

If you are going to use a stand mixer or immersion blender, blend the potato up until it turns into a silky smooth texture. Next is to put the potato into the dehydrator sheets. The thinner layer you place, the fastest it will dry. The temperature in drying the potatoes should be around 140 degrees. And leave it to dry and come back after 12 hours to check if the potatoes are already dry. Patience in terms of this option is a must. Because the usual process takes about 36 hours or more, when the potatoes dried successfully, you can now pulverize it and store it into an airtight container.

So, how do you find this article? We also hope that it helps you in terms of how you can store potatoes and make it last long for an extended time.

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