How to Take Stevia Cuttings

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Have you tried growing Stevia yet? It’s very easy to grow!

Stevia rebaudiana is the sweet leaf plant from Paraguay.

The newer powdered sweeteners you buy in the store are made from Stevia but it’s very heavily processed.

If you like sweet teas-herbal or otherwise you might consider growing your own!

You can dry the leaves and use them to make your own herbal infusions (herb teas).

I’ve had several people tell me they have had success starting their Stevia plants from seeds, but I never had much success starting with seeds. Too many did not germinate when we needed them to! Taking cuttings was much more reliable, and I am a officially a ‘cuttings’  kind of gal.

If you want to try starting seeds, here is a link with some seed growing information. If you have purchased a plant or two and would like to try cuttings, you’re in luck!

Stevia is very easy to start from stem cuttings providing the parent plant is actively growing, not flowering and is in good shape.

Check out the video to see just how easy it is to propagate your own Stevia at home!

Source: Gardening101com

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