Little Herb Centerpieces with Mini Pumpkins

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Cute little pumpkin and herb centerpieces!

Need a quick little something to brighten up your party table? These little guys are perfect.

Super easy to make, these little guys are just a mini version of Martha Stewart’s larger pumpkin vases.

mini pumpkin centerpiece with tri golden sage mint rosemary

Here’s how to make them:

Cut the top out of your pumpkin. Careful, these guys are little and it’s easy to poke all way through the bottom!

clean tiny pumpkin

Carefully scoop out seeds. This takes about all of about 30 seconds with these little pumpkins!

If you have a plastic container like a cough syrup or medicine cup you can use that as your “vase”.

A shot glass or even a small baggie to hold a little water will do the trick.

small plastic cup insert for pumpkin herb centerpiece

Snip small sprigs of fresh herbs and tuck them into the “vase”.

mini pumpkin with herb snippings

For fun you can take some extra leaves and place them around the base of your pumpkin.  Or not.

mini pumpkin tricilor golden sage mint rosemary centerpiece


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