Make a Self Watering Container

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I love self watering pots.

They make growing herbs, or anything else in your potted garden so much easier in the heat of summer. Although prices have come down a lot on them, you can still pay a hefty price if you want a large sized self watering container.

Well, no worries, just make your own!

I’ve seen people make them out of plastic storage tubs and grow huge amounts of herbs and veggies in them.  Here is a video that shows you how to do it yourself. In the video a product by the name of  LECA is mentioned. If you have not heard of “LECA“  it’s short for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate.

It is sort of like cooked clay pebbles. They absorb water and are used a lot in hydroponics and orchid growing. You can find it at hydroponic supply shops under several different brand names.

Source: Gardening 101

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