Making Herbal Salt

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Easy Herb Salt!

Making herb salt, or herbal salts is one of those things that gets done around here regularly, but my sweet young neighbor thought making herb salt was positively magical.  It’s not, and it doesn’t take much time either! You can make your own gourmet salts easily at home.

Once you’ve made some, you can experiment and try lots of different herb blends…you will find some are great on fish, some are better for meats, or stock, or vegetables. One of my favorites is just a simple garlic and onion blend. It’s pretty darn good on everything!

Onion Garlic Thyme Herb Salt

You will need:

  • coarse salt (I like sea salt, but use whatever you like)
  • fresh herbs – (some good first time blends are garlic and parsley, chives and parsley, or all three herbs together!)
  • a blender, OR a coffee grinder,  OR a food processor…any one of these will do the job!

Here’s how:

Take a small bunch of your clean and dried herbs– they should not be wet or moist. Use only the leaves and tender parts of the herb. Toss out any tough stems.

Process or chop the herbs in the blender/food processor for a few seconds.

Add a big handful (or two) of the coarse salt and blend/chop again. Watch to make sure you don’t grind the salt all the way to a powder- just a few pulses, or seconds in the blender should do the trick!

Now take the salt mix and spread it out on a tray or a pan.

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There is moisture in the fresh herbs and this helps to dry them a bit. The salt will preserve the herbs, but we don’t want our salt absorbing too much moisture and getting hard. You might want to pop the tray into a ‘barely warm’ oven for 15-30 minutes to help remove any excess moisture from your blend. This is probably a good idea in humid areas!

Once the salt has dried and cooled, label it and store it in a jar. It will keep for months, and if you store it in the fridge it will last a year or longer.

Congratulations, you’ve just made your own gourmet salt!


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