Mini Herb Fairy Gardens

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Make your own Miniature Herb garden!

Sometimes called Fairy gardens, these little garden scenes are so much fun to make and tend to. If you make yours with herbs, you can even use the trimmings in the kitchen!

You do not need fancy equipment to put them together, either. Some simple and beautiful little gardens can be made with twigs and stones and even mulch or aquarium gravel can be used for paths and walkways.

Easy Miniature Herb Garden
Easy Gravel Path!

Dollhouse miniatures can add a lot of personality to your mini herb garden. Many craft and hobby stores carry them, and you can often find little birdhouses, furniture, garden tools and more.

If you are handy with clay, you can create your own special items from the oven bake clays such as Fimo or Sculpey.

rusic mini herb garden
Bark Chip Path

The herbs you choose should all have similar light and water requirements- so try not to plant shade and water lovers with herbs that prefer sun and drier soil.

Some of the best plants for Fairy gardens are the thyme plants.

Fairies love thyme, did you know?

Although all of the thyme’s are great in mini gardens I love using Wooly thyme and Elfin thyme for the low growing ground hugging plants. Any of the small leafed thyme’s can be substituted for either of these.

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If you have a favorite thyme, use it! You will be trimming your little garden periodically and can use the herbs from it.

Elfin Thyme
Elfin Thyme

Some other good herbs  you might consider for mini gardens are rosemary, lemon grass, lemon verbena, marjoram, oregano , a smaller lavender variety, and even a dwarf or Nana sage.


Although it’s tempting, I do not plant or decorate my herb gardens too heavily at first.

Simple Silver Herb Fairy Garden
Simple Silver Herb Fairy Garden

This is just because the plants will fill in and hide some of the details-unless you keep things very well pruned. You can always add goodies to your garden later if a spot looks bare, or you find some little thing you love!

How to make your own little garden:

Find a container with a wide opening. I like using terra cotta bowls and metal tubs.

Prepared Container and Soil

Moisten your potting mix, and fill the pot. Deep pots might need some filler in the bottom to bring the soil level up.

Add your herb plants, and try to group them so you have room for a path, stepping stones, a pond or furniture. Unless I am using a larger container, I generally don’t use more than four herb plants.

set in your herbs
Add Your Herbs
Firm in soil around plants and level soil.

Firm in soil around plants and level soil.

Add details- the big stuff first. Lay your paths, stones and larger pieces. If you like their positions, press them firmly into place.

Country Fairy Garden
Country Fairy Garden

If you have miniature pieces or fairy figures, now you get to add them! Little watering cans and other small objects can be scattered through your garden. Play with it until you like the arrangement. You can always move things around.

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Now carefully water your garden lightly, step back and admire your work!

Caring for your miniature herb garden:

Check soil and water regularly. Unless you used a potting mix with fertilizer added, you will need to feed your new little fairy garden with a mild organic fertilizer once a month. The plants will fill in within a month and you will probably want to do a little trimming.

Remember- Fairy gardens with small pebbles and miniatures (choking hazard) should be kept away from little kids, but otherwise treat your garden as a really fun container plant!

fairy garden castle
Wizard’s Keep Herbal Fairy Garden

Via: Gardening 101

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