Growing Mint From Seed

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Lots of people start and grow their herbs from seed.

You can get a lot of bang for your buck by starting your own herb plants from seed.

If you plan to grow mint, and especially Peppermint – here are a few tips!

Mint is easy to grow, and very prolific.

It will take over your garden if you let it.

It is very easy to grow grow from started plants.

Even if you find seed packets of Peppermint, they aren’t real Peppermint seeds!

Peppermint itself is a cross between two other mints, so the seeds it produces will not be true. That means if you save seeds from your Peppermint, you won’t get real Peppermint if you try to grow those seeds.

You’ll get some kind of mint, but not Peppermint.

If you decide to grow any of the other mint family members from seed remember to watch for a few things on your seed packages!

Check the expiration date !

Seeds that are too old often do not germinate well; sometimes they do not germinate at all. When this happens many of new growers think they’ve done something wrong. Nope, it wasn’t you, your seed was just prehistoric.

Check the seed planting instructions!

Many seedling ‘fails’ are due to incorrect seed starting.

If you need a refresher on what to look for on a seed packet, you can watch the
“Growing herbs- Reading a herb seed package” video again here.

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