More Herb Garden Plant Markers

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These pretty herb garden plant markers were a gift from my adorable neighbor and her Mom.

Aren’t they cute?

They are the easiest and possibly the cheapest herb garden markers around. Really.

It’s just broken concrete with a pretty paint job!

Broken Concrete Herb Markers

To make your own:

Give your broken patio paver or piece of concrete a base coat or two, then paint away. Use up old house paints for the base coat if you like.

Fine tipped “squeezy bottle” fabric paints can be used to write the names of herbs. You could also use a permanent marker or go wild with a fine paint brush and some craft paints!

After painting was completed, these lovelies were coated with some outdoor polyurethane to help them hold up better out in the garden.

So, are you going to start looking around for broken concrete now?

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