Organic Weed Killer For Lawns & Garden: Top 11 Recommend

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Do you agree that weeds are a nuisance?

They grow, spread across your lawns and gardens, and take in all the water and nutrients that the grass is supposed to absorb. They cause your lawn to be messy and ugly.

So the question goes: how to kill weeds naturally? Is there any organic weed killer for lawns?

Of course, there are, and the best thing is you can even make these weed killers right at home.

Scroll down to find out!

Organic Weed Killer For Lawns


Vinegar contains plant-killing properties so that it can act as an effective weed killer. Just apply white vinegar to lawn weeds directly and you will find them dying the next day!

Vinegar has a lot of uses

The household vinegar contains only 5% acetic acid, so you should mix it with dish soap to increase the effectiveness. Apply the mixture repeatedly to kill weeds.

More powerful versions that contain up to 20% acetic acid are available in garden stores, but they can be harmful to your health. Make sure you wear protective gears when using it.

Be warned that vinegar doesn’t discriminate – it kills grass as well. Therefore, don’t let it come into contact with desirable plants in your yard.

Corn Gluten

Corn gluten meal is an organic herbicide that prevents the infestation of common weeds in your yard such as clover, dandelion, quickgrass, crabgrass, etc. However, it doesn’t work once these weeds and grass have sprouted.

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Corn Gluten

To get rid of weeds, apply an adequate amount of corn gluten to your lawn based on the standard ratio of 20 pounds to 1000 square feet.

Boiling Water

This is undoubtedly one of the simplest natural weed killers to prepare, and it poses absolutely no harm to you and the environment. 100% safe! You don’t need to buy nothing at all; just boil a kettle of water and pour it on the leaves and the stems to kill weeds.

This homemade weed killer is ideal for weeds that grow in the cracks of sidewalks and driveways. A useful tip to make it more effective is to add a little salt.


Using table salt or rock salt is another effective method for killing weeds. Just mix salt with hot water in a spray bottle before spraying the fluid directly to the leaves of weeds. Make sure you minimize over-spray.

Salt makes a good organic weed control, but it is harmful to soil and concrete. To be specific, salt might leave the soil barren and discolor cement surfaces. Therefore, try your best to keep the salt away from these areas.

Lemon Juice

Speaking of organic weed killers for lawns, lemon juice shouldn’t be ignored. It is cheap, easy to find, and effective without harmful chemicals. Lemon juice kills grasses and weeds with its natural acidic properties.

Spray lemon juice on the leaves and the weeds will die off in the next one or two days. For a more potent formula, you can mix lemon juice with vinegar and dish soap.

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Are you surprised? Your daily newspaper is a natural weed and grass killer. Just cover the new weeds with a piece of newspaper and they will gradually die due to lack of sunlight and air. Plus, newspaper also acts as an organic gardener as it will break down and feed the soil in the long run.

Newspaper can kill weeds
Newspaper can kill weeds

Mule Team

Borax 20 mule team is a cleaning product that you can find in any grocery stores in your neighborhood. It also works as a weed killer that removes unwanted weeds in your lawn.

How to use it is easy. Just mix borax with water and spray the mixture on the leaves of weeds.

Borax may irritate the skin if you touch it, so don’t forget to wear protective clothing. Keep the mixture away from any desirable plants, and never soak the soil with it.

Weed Flamers

Do you know the quickest way to get rid of weeds? That is to burn them all. Just set the whole patches of weeds on fire and they will wilt right away. For your safety, make sure you use weed flamers instead of starting a fire manually.

You can find them in almost every garden store, or just place an order online.

Even if you use weed flamers, there is still a risk of fire. Pay close attention then! Better safe than sorry, right?

Weeding Tools

You can always get rid of weeds manually, but for a higher rate of success, let’s use some weeding tools instead of just picking up the weeds with bare hands.

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Some of the most common tools for weed removal include weed pullers, hand trowels, long screwdrivers.

Use a weeding fork to remove weeds
Use a weeding fork to remove weeds


Nothing prevents weeds better than a healthy lawn. And one useful lawn care tip is mulching, which means applying a layer of organic matter to the surface of your garden soil. This layer will work to smother and prevent weeds from spreading. Also, it prevents seed germination.

Organic mulches often include wood chips, straw, grass clippings, compost. Some gardeners tend to add hay, but it is not advisable to do so since hay might contain a lot of undesired seedlings.


Along with mulching, crowding is another effective method for weed prevention. To perform crowding in your garden, you grow perennial plants and groundcovers to cover the garden soil completely and leaves no space for the weeds.

Other gardening methods such as square-foot or wide-row are also worth a try.


Why grab a bottle of chemical weed killer when you have so many natural methods to get rid of weeds right here? They are all safe, cheap, simple, and effective.

Amongst all the organic weed killers for lawns above, we think using vinegar is the best. But it depends on your situation, so consider carefully. You can also carry out multiple methods for the best results.

Thanks for reading!

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