Planting an Herb Basket

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Baskets of any kind, and wire or metal baskets in particular look great planted with herbs!

If you’d like to try one at home here’s a simple way to get a beautiful basket that produces a nice crop of herbs.

You can find wire and metal baskets and coco liners at most garden centers and superstores.

egg basket planted

For this basket I used an old egg basket, a coco liner, a plastic shopping bag and some potting mix.

I chose Thyme, Rosemary, French Tarragon and Oregano since they all have similar watering needs.

egg basket coco liner

The How To:

Line your basket with the coco liner, then line the coco liner with the plastic shopping bag.

Now poke a hole through the bottom of the bag for drainage.

The bag keeps the soil from drying out so quickly and recycles, too.

Add your moistened potting mix and herbs and this herb basket is ready to grow.


Bring them in!

If you bring your basket in during the cold months, make sure it gets plenty of light and the roots stay warm.

Give it an occasional feed with an organic fertilizer and it should keep producing nicely for you through the winter!


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