Pretty Herb Storage – Paper Covered Jars

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Jars are probably the best (and easiest ) way to store your dried herbs.

Pretty paper covered jars of herb lg
Pretty paper covered jars of herb

Keeping your herbs stored out of light is important to retain freshness.

Dark jars are the ideal storage solution but finding them locally isn’t always easy and they can be pricey if you have them shipped.

Storing herbs in clear glass jars in a pantry tucked away from light is also great- if you have such a place for them.

If not, you might be looking for an easy (and attractive) solution to storing your herbs in plain sight while protecting them from light.

Here’s a quick fix:


Cover your jars with paper by making a “sleeve” then either tape or glue the paper closed. Just so you know, recyclers and crafters can have a LOT fun with this project and could possibly cover and coordinate everything in sight.

If your jars are wider than your paper you might need to add a small piece of paper to make the sleeve fit around the jar, but that’s O.K. Just keep the seamed area to the back of the jar and no one will ever know you’ve spliced your paper together.

A label or tag should be added listing the type of herb in the jar and the date you stored the herb.  That way you’ll know exactly what you have behind those cool coverings ;)

Some papers you could use are:


drawing paper featuring your own artwork

card stock

pretty scrapbook papers

wrapping paper

Paper covered jars look pretty all lined up on a shelf, especially when you’ve given them your own special touch.

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Have fun!

Via: Gardening 101

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