What Are The Best Spiral Herb Garden Ideas?

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You might not know this, but spiral herb gardens are mostly used for growing various herbs in a limited space. Thanks to it, you could take advantage of vertical space for a beautiful small garden.

To help you in building your own herb spiral, we have collected the best spiral herb garden ideas with images in today’s article. If you are tempted to know what they are, let’s follow us!

But hold on! It would be better if you get clear about what a spiral herb garden is.

What Is A Spiral Herb Garden?

Herb spirals are small herb gardens. They come with beds in the shape of a spiral that are used for growing numerous herbs. Also, they are three dimensional.

The spiral head receives full sun and features great drainage. Thereby, this is the place to grow herbs that prefer sun exposure and good drainage. Meanwhile, its bottom area is used to plant herbs requiring less sun and moist soil.

What Are The Best Spiral Herb Garden Ideas?

Option 1: White Stone Spiral Herb Garden

As you could see, this spiral design comes with white rocks that are kept in place by steel frames. They come in the spiral shape, of course. Inside, you could grow vegetables, so that it can become a food garden for your family. Plus, it is worth noting that you should add some organic materials to the soil to provide enough nutrients to your plants.

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White Stone Spiral Herb Garden

Option 2: Mixed stone and herb spiral garden

This idea looks more colorful than the first idea, doesn’t it? With this idea, you will still use a steel frame to keep the rock in the shape of the spiral. But instead of making use of white stones, colored ones will be put in the spiral. Another great point of this idea is that you mix a lot of plants such as lemon balm, Mediterranean herbs, and suppress weeds inside this gardening design.

Mixed stone and herb spiral garden

Option 3: Basic stone spiral herb garden

Different from the above ideas, you will need big rectangle stones for this idea. This idea will provide you with a little more space inside for growing herbs. You also need to add more soil to this garden. They could be clay soil or sandy soil, depending on your preference.

Basic stone spiral herb garden

Option 4: Castle spiral garden

Another great idea for you is the high-wall spiral herb garden design. Accordingly, you will need to build high gabion walls with quite small rocks. Also, you could plant various types of herbs, along with flowers in this garden. We are pretty sure that this idea will look stunning in your space.

Castle spiral garden

Another thing, we would say, is that you could use this idea as one of kids gardening projects. We are pretty sure that they will love to be involved in building a herb garden by themselves.

Option 5: Low stone spiral herb garden

You will only need to put big stones, as shown in the image together in the spiral shape. And you will get a herb garden made of stone walls. With this idea, you could use containers for growing herbs and put them inside this herb spiral design.

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Low stone spiral herb garden

Option 6: Freestyle spiral herb garden

And if you are a fan of freestyle spiral design, this idea might be ideal for you. Irrespective of the shapes and the sizes of the stones, you only need to build a herb spiral garden like what you want freely. That said, you should not ignore to add nutrients to the soil inside this garden. Accordingly, you could provide organic matters to help herbs to grow healthy.

Freestyle spiral herb garden

Option 7: Green herb garden

This is considered one of the most fabulous ornamental gardening ideas. Accordingly, you could grow various types of Mediterranean herbs or greenery herbs. This will become a food resource for your family’s meals. And to ensure they could grow healthy, you should take care of the soil conditions. It would help if you could use worm castings to provide nutrients to the plants.

Green herb garden

Option 8: Down-to-earth spiral garden idea

Well, you might surprise when seeing this idea as it does not require you to build high walls like the previous options. As you could see, though it is quite simple, it somehow makes your space more beautiful.

It only needs you to put stones in perfect spiral shape! Plus, this gardening idea will look more stunning if it is placed on a green lawn. Accordingly, it would help if you kept in mind regular lawn care to ensure the grasses around this garden look green and lush.

Down-to-earth spiral garden idea

Option 9: Balcony spiral herb garden

This idea is not only easy to do but also cute in your space. Also, when it comes to balcony gardening, you could consider this such a fantastic idea. You could grow both flowers and herbs in the small space. It is safe to say this spiral garden design is ideal for urban gardeners.

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Balcony spiral herb garden

Option 10: Spiral garden with stones of different sizes

This exotic spiral herb garden design is great for those who do not have uniform stones and other materials. All they need to do is to keep the rocks in the spiral shape, and they will have a small vertical garden for growing herbs.

Spiral garden with stones of different sizes

Several Herb Types For Spiral Gardens

There are various kinds of herbs you could choose for your garden. Here is a short list of common herbs that you could take into consideration.

Spiral Herb Garden Tips

  • If you make a pond, make sure it is facing South in the Southern hemisphere and North in the Northern hemisphere to limit the water evaporation.
  • Herbs growing very tall or expanding in width shouldn’t be grown in a spiral herb garden since they probably suffocate other herbs.
  • When it comes to herbs, you could also plant edible flowers and salad greens.

Final Thoughts

So now you have known ten best spiral herb garden ideas that we collected from various resources. From basic to complicated designs, we believe you will choose the best options for your space based on your preference. Besides, you could choose various types of herbs for your daily cooking.

Finally, we hope that you will find this article helpful to you. Thank you for reading.

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