Super Cute Paper Seed Packets

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Super cute, these puffy little packets are perfect for gift cards, candy, small gifts or SEEDS!

cute paper seed packets

 You’ll need:

 Heavy paper – I generally use old holiday cards and card stock, but watercolor or heavy scrapbook paper and large paper grocery bags work beautifully!

Glue or tape

Scissors and or craft knife

Here’s how to make them.

First download the pattern and print it out, or click on the photo below (to get a larger photo) then right click and save to your computer. Before you say anything you’ll notice the pattern is far from perfect. This was a quick sketch-rush job and you’ll probably want to straighten my lines with a ruler!

puffy paper pocket box

Feel free to make these little pockets larger or smaller. Mine will hold a standard gift card very nicely,or I can tuck a small folded packet or two of seeds inside.

Cut out the pattern…and trace it onto your heavy card stock, cardboard or heavier scrapbook paper. This will be a sturdy template.

Now cut out the template. Trace around  the template on your pretty paper and lightly mark all the brown fold lines. Do this on the inside of the box so the lines don’t show.

Cut out the paper.

Next you will mark the curved side lines. I’m really high tech, so I use an old melamine dinner plate for this. The more curve your edges have the ‘poofier’ the box.

Use a dinner plate for marking curves

Now fold all the lines and see if everything lines up…more or less. Folding the curved lines may take some patience the first time you do them.

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fold in sides

Does everything seem to line up?

Cut a sliver for the tab opening!  Once it feels like it will all fit together, start gluing or taping the edges together.

If you use glue, a loose rubber band will hold the whole contraption together while it dries.

rubberband holds flaps while gluing

You can use the packets as is, or cut some designs from your paper and add those with tape or glue.

puffy paper pocket folds

Accordion Folded Paper Piece

If you like the 3D look, you can fold pieces of paper accordion style to raise your embellishments. Just glue one end of your mini accordion to the box, and the other to the embellishment piece you want to raise.  If you have them, 3D stickers are by far the easy way to go!

3D foam squares

Voila, a finished box all ready to stuff with little goodies!

finished puffy pocket pillow box

Wasn’t that fun? Now let’s go make more!

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