The Great Bucket Experiment

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Garden Buckets…the remix.

Experimental Buckets

I had what might be a great gardening idea and wanted to try it with some pals, so I posted a request on the Facebook page.

Wow, what a great response!  I’m amazed so many of you are willing to jump in and experiment with me. For those that are interested in joining in the fun with our Bucket Experiment the info is in the link to the PDF below.  As a home school mom of six kids and a former looong time 4H leader, I know this project would be a winner for anyone doing either of those things!

The Great Garden Bucket Experiment!

Just take a quick read through the PDF or download it if you like.

Think you might need help tracking your garden progress?

Here is a weekly Super Simple Bucket Garden Record Chart!

You can download it here: Bucketeers Record Chart

Feel free to make as many copies as you need to keep track of your buckets!

So, what am I planting? I’m planning to start with two buckets of herbs and at least two with tomatoes or peppers. We’ll see how it goes.

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