What Are The Best Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas?

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You might not know this, but vertical gardening is a special way to use a small space in your garden. It is beneficial as it does not take up too much space, and it is quite easy to maintain and harvest. That said, vertical gardens still need some sturdy support.

To provide you a comprehensive view of vertical gardening, we have compiled a list of the best vertical vegetable garden ideas below, along with several important details.

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What Vegetables Grow Well In A Vertical Garden?

We are sure that one of the first things you need to consider for your vegetable garden is the plants you grow in. Here are some notable plants that you could find for your garden ideas.

Edible plants

Edible plants include herbs such as parsley and basil. They are ideal for a vertical vegetable garden. If you have limited spaces, they might be the one for you as it takes up less space.


In a vegetable garden, the ferns can surely fit the mold. Also, the leaves hang over the vertical frame edges, making for a lush look. It is a fantastic way to spruce up a wall look.

7+ Vertical vegetable garden ideas

Hanging garden

One of the garden ideas we would like to share with you is hanging garden. Though a hanging basket does not take up ground space, it could provide a high-yield crop by growing strawberry, and tumbling tomato.

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Salad tower

A salad tower is another excellent choice of vertical vegetable gardening. The highlight of this garden design is that you will find it extremely easy to create.

It is, in fact, a cylinder made from a robust wire mesh, lined in plastic material and filled with soil. Here is a general process to make a salad gardening tower.

Salad tower

  • Line with a big plastic sheet
  • Fill with potting soil
  • Poke holes for drainage
  • Plant seedlings in the cylinder
  • Water and feed well

With this kind of unique vertical garden, you could plant vegetable crops like chard, kale, spinach, lettuce, and arugula.

Gutter garden

A vertical gutter garden is another appealing ideal for you. It could be directly attached to fences and walls as well as hung with chains. Plus, it is worth noting that you should remember drainage.


Accordingly, you could use a drill to create drainage holes on the bottom of the gutters, then add end caps and last fill with potting soil. The best vegetable plants this idea include vining tomatoes, lettuce, nasturtiums, and spinach.

Pallet garden

Pallet garden has become one of the common vertical garden ideas currently. It is a simple way to grow cucumbers, herb flowers, and various other plants for vertical gardening.


If you do not have any pallet, do not worry! You could buy a pallet-like planter like the Gronomics Factory Seconds Vertical Garden. It is ideal for strawberries, herbs, salad greens, and so on.

Peeking Terra Cotta vertical gardening

Peeking Terra Cotta is a unique method of growing plants. Not only is it easy to use, but this garden also helps you save some water. It is basically the ultimate farm for porches and rooftops.

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No matter you are a new vertical garden planter or an experienced gardener, you could enormously relay on the efficiency of this idea.

Container garden

We believe that container gardening is one of the simplest ways to grow vegetables as well as herbs and flowers in limited spaces. Plus, you could mix various plants for your garden projects growing vertically.


One more thing, you need to remember that it is easier to grow plants in big containers than small containers. It is because big ones can contain more soil, stay moist, and resist quick temperature fluctuations.

Raised garden bed

A raised garden bed (referred “raised bed”) is a big planting container that stays above ground and is filled with plants and soil. It’s a box with no top or bottom, which is filled with high-quality soil in a sunny spot to become a source of pleasure and pride, and the garden centerpiece.


Advantages Of Vertical Vegetable Gardens

It is safe to say vertical vegetable garden ideas are ideal for planting, growing plants in your limited spaces. Whether you are urban gardeners or those living in the countryside, you can take advantage of the huge benefits of vertical hydroponic gardening or aquaponics. Below are some reasons why you should get one.

Initially, vertical gardens could maximize your limited space. There are various techniques that you could make use of, like stacking raised gardens to enhance productivity.

They are able to cover up ugly views. Also, they could give more privacy for you.

Another positive impact is that it could make your plants such as pole beans, lemon verbena, vine crop, brussels sprouts, swiss chard, mustard greens, and bee balm become healthier.

Last but not least, vertical gardens could assist you in controlling plant diseases caused by garden pests, and preserve beneficial insects for the growth of plants.

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Vertical Gardening Questions And Answers

Is vertical gardening hard?

We would say No to this question. There should not be many things to learn. Nevertheless, it would help if you kept in mind to water the plants frequently. As a vertical garden does not have as many soils as the ground, it is much easier to dry out quickly.

Which plants are ideal for vertical gardening?

There are various plants that you could think about for vertical gardening. If you intend to have herb gardens, varieties like cilantro and basil are perfect options.


We have shared a list of the best vertical vegetable ideas. In a nutshell, vertical gardening is a great DIY project, and you only need several tools and lumber to make one.

You do not have to spend much money as you could take advantage of unused items which could be found in the houses like PVC pipeline, gutters, and others.

So why don’t you start making a vertical garden now? And do you have any favorite vertical garden design? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comment box below.

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