What Herbs Are Good For Dogs?

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Dogs are said to be the man’s best friend. They should be treated nicely and well by everyone. Dogs can be fed both of the foods that we also eat, leftover foods, and also by herbs.

The question is, “What herbs are good for dogs?” The best-recommended herbs for dogs are as follows:

These are only a few examples of herbs good for your dogs.

Which herbs are good for your dogs?

You should also consider the safety of your dogs with regards to the herbs that you will feed them. The safest herbs for your dogs are herbs, which are canine cancer-fighting, breath-freshening, and stomach-soothing herbs.

OREGANO is the best example of the safest herbs for your dogs. Oregano is said to be non-toxic herbs. Oregano is also said to help problems of the digestive system. Oregano also contains antifungal properties. For the feeding method, feeding oregano herbs for your dogs should be in a small amount only because oregano oil is more concentrated. That is why it is best recommended that you should feed your dogs with oregano herbs in a low dosage only.

BASIL, which has a scientific name of Ocimum basilicum, is another type of herb good for your dogs because it is said to be a dog’s protein diet. Basil has antiviral, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties that help reduce the effects of arthritis and may help with the inflammatory disease and to repel insects off your dogs.

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PARSLEY is one also of the best recommended best herbs for your dog. PARSLEY comes in a flat-leaf variety and also in a curly one. It may be fresh, dried, or frozen. All parts of parsley can be used, especially the stalks but, make sure it is finely chopped for maximum bio-availability. Just a tip, only add a small amount of parsley to your dog’s meal. A large amount of it may become toxic to your dog.

PEPPERMINT, which has a scientific name of menthe balsamea, is also a good herb for your dogs, for it is good for digestion.

ROSEMARY is the best and highly recommended herbs for your dogs. To make your dogs anxious, use Rosemary. It is high in antioxidants good for heart function and nervous system.

If there are good herbs for your dog, there are also bad herbs that you should not give or feed to your dogs. Some of these instances are chamomile, chives, garlic, hops, leeks, marijuana, onions, and shallots. The herbs, as mentioned earlier, are said to be not suitable or not good to give to your dogs.

which herbs are good for your dogs

Wanting your dogs to improve their health, also try to find a remedy from herbs, which are considered to be improving herbs for your dog’s health.

Herbs that can improve your dog’s health are as follows:

These herbs that are mentioned above may also be called as a remedy herbs for it can treat diseases or ailments of your dogs. May I give you a certain view of the details of the herbs, as mentioned above, one by one?

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Aloe Vera is pretty much amazing for its spiky leafed herb. It is well known to help heal the wounds and even stomach ulcers in people. But, it is also good for your dog if applied topically. They may also serve as a treatment antibiotics for your dog’s wound, but see to it that your dog will not lick it in the applied area because it can cause gastrointestinal problems to your dogs. If licking it, this may produce toxicity also to your dogs.


Calendula flowers is an easy-growing herb that may be used to treat cuts, scrapes, and wounds, both on you and your dogs. It has many applications, such as anti-inflammatory and antifungal. It may also be used to heal wounds. Calendula flowers prevent bacteria from attacking your dog because it has an antiseptic quality, which prevents bacterial growth. This herb also serves as an antiseptic wash.


We are talking here about the ginger herb, which serves as a medicinal herb. Ginger herb can be made into tea or tincture, and this is much excellent at settling dog’s upset tummy.


Goldenseal has nothing to do with its literal meaning as gold, but, rather, this herb is a powerful antibiotic that prevents the bacteria from latching onto the cell walls. This herb can be used to wash a dog’s eye infections or weepy eyes.


This herb is suitable for your dog’s kidney problem if any. Milk thistle protects the liver against damage and also improves liver function.

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These trio herbs are good for a hyper dog. They are considered to be as a relaxant for dogs and, it can also lower blood pressure, prevent asthma, and works against pesky parasites. Only a few drops of this trio-herb are needed for your dog’s suggested treatment.

For the best result, you may also consult a veterinarian in terms of giving herbs to your dogs, especially whether you will implement the herbs as a food or as a medicinal treatment to your dogs. You should adequately administer giving herbs to your dogs, so it is better to consult someone who was well known or has mastery in this field.

They are lastly giving you the VETERINARIAN’S CHOICE of herbs best for your dogs. The instances are milk thistle, natural healing, coconut oil, flower essences, veterinary medicines, oregano, and natural remedies.

This article gives insight into what are the good herbs suitable for your dogs and what are the bad herbs which are not suitable for your dogs on the other hand. May this article give you the guide of administering proper herbs to your dogs, either it serves as a food or serves as a medicine to your pet.

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