Who Invented The Lawn Mower? The Complete History

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Who Invented The Lawn Mower?

The lawn mower was invented in 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding, who was a British engineer and horticulturist who developed the first reel-type mower. He got the idea for his invention after seeing a machine used to shear the wool off of sheep. His first model was made out of wrought iron and had blades which were moved by a push or pull mechanism.

The lawn mower revolutionized lawn care and is still used today in many homes and businesses. Budding’s invention made it much easier for people to take care of their lawns and keep them looking neat and trim. We owe this common garden tool to Budding who had the genius idea to repurpose a machine from the textile industry and apply it to lawns. Thus, the invention of the lawn mower has changed the way people care for their yards for centuries.

edwin beard budding invented lawn mower

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The Complete History Of Lawn Mowers

In 1845 Mr. Amos Adams, who was a member of the Royal Horticultural Society, who later became its Vice-President took out a patent for an improved lawn mower.


By the mid 19th century, the lawn mower had become one of the most popular tools used to maintain grassy areas. It was easy to use, durable and efficient when cutting grass. During this time, the lawn mower was still manually operated but had become more lightweight and practical for everyday use.

In 1868, Elwood McGuire patented a gasoline-powered lawn mower which made it much easier to care for large areas of grass. This invention opened up new opportunities for the lawn mower and paved the way for further improvements in design and power.

lawn mower history


In 1902, the first motorized reel-style lawn mower was invented by Thomas Green & Son who created a gas-powered lawn mower with adjustable blades. This model was much more efficient than its predecessors and was able to cut grass more quickly.

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The first lawn mowers were pushed or pulled by a person who had to manually turn the blades, which could be labor-intensive. In 1870, an American inventor named Elwood McGuire replaced the push and pull mechanism with a motorized engine. He made it easier for people to maintain their yards by inventing a machine that could be operated.

Thanks to Edwin Beard Budding’s invention of the lawn mower in 1830, people are able to maintain their yards with ease. From the horse-drawn versions of the 1800s to today’s electric lawn mower and battery-powered models, the lawn mower has come a long way. With the continued development of eco-friendly lawn care options, the invention of the lawn mower will continue to be beneficial for many years to come.

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