Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In The Summer?

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The summer season is perfect for outdoor activities as the weather is nice and warm. However, water bugs and other insects also appear during these beautiful months of the year. 

They suddenly show up and take over your home simply because they prefer the summer, just as we all do. They hibernate when the temperature declines; hence, you don’t see them during colder months.

This post from gardening101.net will explain why water bugs come out in the summer and provide you with some methods to keep them away from your house.

What Are The Signs Of Water Bugs In Your House

What Are Water Bugs?

Water bugs are aquatic creatures that belong to the order Hemiptera. Their natural habitats are damp, wet places like marshes or ponds. They feed on small fish, snails, frogs, and other insects.

A typical bug is oval-shaped, about 2 inches long, and darker than a cockroach. Unlike cockroaches living domestically on your leftover food, these insects prefer staying outdoors near moist areas and their food sources.

Due to their resemblance in appearance, you might mistakenly identify a cockroach crawling around your house as an aqua bug. Therefore, you should pay closer attention to the differences in size and color to recognize the two insects.

How To Prevent Water Bugs From Getting Inside Your House

Are Water Bugs Dangerous?

These insects are not dangerous to humans, and they won’t bite you unless feeling threatened. Their bites release a harmless toxin; however, you must seek immediate medical assistance in case of an allergic reaction.

You can treat the bite of this insect by first cleaning the wound with warm water and rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Then, apply cortisone cream to reduce itching and avoid scratching the affected area. 

What Are The Signs Of Water Bugs In Your House?

Water bugs generally don’t try to get into human dwellings. While cockroaches look for shelter and food in your home, these insects live in a slow-moving water body, for example, a pond, pool, and stream.

The reason you see them is that you live near their natural habitats. These bugs incline toward humid and wet conditions, which might be why they accidentally enter your house.

Some indoor places you may find this aquatic insect are the basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, where it is dark and wet. These insects are nocturnal like cockroaches, so there is no chance you run into them during the day.

Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In The Summer?

Have you ever wondered why water bugs appear in the summer but not in other seasons? Continue reading to find the answer to your question.

Warm And Humid Weather

Water bugs only appear during the hottest months of the year simply because they prefer the moisture and warmth of summer. The insect typically comes into sight in the summer until the early autumn.

The preferable temperature for these insects is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They can’t survive in severe cold weather when it drops below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, these buddies are out of sight in the winter.

Winter Hibernation

The bug’s development cycle is seasonal, which means their eggs only hatch from spring to mid-summer. The adult populations reach the high peak at the turn of summer and eventually decrease over the next few months.

Moreover, since these insects are cold-blooded, they hibernate in the winter when it gets too cold for them. They become inactive during this time, and thus you don’t see them around until the heat and humidity wake them up in the summer.

How To Prevent Water-Bugs From-Getting Inside Your House

Seek For Ideal Conditions

These bugs don’t bother to enter your home since it is not close to their food sources. The only chance is when their natural habitats become too dry, making them migrate inside in search of a wetter place.

Fortunately, these insects only come out at night since they are nocturnal. However, they are attracted to bright light, so you had better turn your porch lights off when you don’t need them.

How To Prevent Water Bugs From Getting Inside Your House

In the worst circumstance you find these insects in your house, try one of the following methods to get rid of them and keep the other ones outside.

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Have All Entry Points Sealed Up

Figure out the way these insects get into your house and block it. Some possible entry points are holes in the window screens, cracks around the doors, toilet drains, and leaky pipes in the basement.

Keep Your Home Dry And Clean

Try to clean up the area frequently, including the garbage and sewers. Remember to repair any leaks and wet sections, especially in the basement.

why water bugs come out

Use A Bait Trap Or Boric Acid

Place a bait trap where you see the aqua beetles to eliminate them efficiently. Also, put some under the sink or the fridge, and don’t forget to replace them as necessary.

In addition, boric acid is another effective remedy to get rid of these bugs. You can spray a thin layer of the liquid around the house, but you have to ensure it is out of your children’s reach.

Contact Pest Control Services

If the above measures fail to prevent the bugs, contact a pest specialist for professional advice. With solid experience, pest control services will solve your problems promptly.


Hopefully, this post has given you an answer to why water bugs come out in the summer and recommended some natural remedies.

In short, these bugs are seasonal insects active in the warm weather and hibernate during colder months. They prefer living in the water or moist, wet conditions. That’s the main reason why you only see them in the summer.

These insects are not harmful to humans, although some of us find them scary when they are around our homes. Ultimately, you can keep them away and get rid of them by taking a few easy steps.

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