Wine Rack Planter

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Re-purpose that old wine rack into an herb or strawberry planter!

I had a matching pair of wine racks that were missing a  few decorative bits.  They needed a new purpose in life…so naturally I had to plant something in them. Because of the narrow size of these racks strawberries and thyme were my plants of choice.

wine rack strawberry planter

Want to try making one? Here’s how:

Recycle and find or fit a plastic or fabric bag into your wine rack. If you are using or recycling a plastic bag be sure to poke a few small holes in the bottom for drainage.

For my wine racks I used a heavy black bin liner in one and a large recycled plastic shopping bag in the other.

wine bottle caddy bag

Before you add soil you will need to support the bottom somehow. I got busy wiring.

No, the picture below is not of some demented spider’s web. It’s me loosely weaving some floral wire to hold the bag in place.

Depending on the size of your wine rack you might be able to fit a tray or container in the bottom of yours.

bottom weaving job wine caddy

Now partially fill the bag with damp potting mix. I’ll warn you, it’s a bit tricky in a narrow wine rack!

Starting at the lower part of the rack make a slit in the bag where you want to place your first plant. Mine are planted in the wine bottle holes.

planting strawberries in bag wine bottle caddy

Place a plant in the hole and add more soil in the bag. Try to firm the soil around the roots if you can.

Keep adding soil until you reach the spot where your want to place your next plant. Make another slit and add a plant. Rinse and repeat!

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Once all the plants were in place I tucked moss in around the wire frame to hide the bags.

strawberry planter wine bottle carrier

Although these particular wine racks were too narrow to use them, coco basket or trough liners can be used in larger wine racks. I don’t think they are quite as pretty as the moss, but they are especially nice because they eliminate the need to camouflage a planting bag!

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